What makes a good ENGLISH TEACHER

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Is your English teacher good for you? Ask yourself these 5 questions and you will know what makes a good English teacher.

I took piano lessons from the age of 7 to 17.
10 years of piano lessons.

And yet, If you asked me to play something now, I wouldn’t be able to do it.
(OK, I lied. Maybe ONE Sonata by Chopin)

Because I didn’t have a good enough teacher.
She was sweet and kind, but she never gave me what I needed.
She never pushed me to do better,
she never inspired me,
she never gave me a hard time for not practicing.

She did everything a piano teacher should do,
But it just wasn’t good enough.

And looking back, I think of where I could have been today with all this time and money spent, having had the right teacher.


So many people settle for mediocre English teaching because it’s comfortable and they don’t believe they can find something better.
They stay because it’s close to home, it’s familiar, it’s cheap, they feel bad leaving, it doesn’t require them to do any research, or it simply allows them to stay in their comfort zone.

Have YOU ever taken English classes with a teacher but still felt STUCK?
Are you learning English and wondering how you can improve your training?
Are you an English teacher looking to take your teaching to the next level?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this episode is a must-watch for you:

What makes a good ENGLISH TEACHER | 5 Questions Every English Learner Needs To Ask:

After watching the video, join the discussion below the video and answer these two questions:
Share one good and/or bad experience you’ve had with a teacher
What, in your opinion, makes a good teacher?

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17 Comments on “What makes a good ENGLISH TEACHER”

  1. I have a lot of good different experience with the Academic Teachers back then in Kinder to College.
    I could say that in life, Experience is my best Teacher. Also, people around me is to be considered
    as a Teacher, because the only thing I know is that I can learn from them.

    In my opinion a good teacher is being a good role model, not selfish and I think not choosy or having
    a favoritism. I always look for a simple, funny energetic, down to earth and approachable Teacher,
    who will also remember his or her student. Pretty sure It is never way too easy to be a Teacher however
    that Interactions is pretty more important.

  2. All my experience of learning English was good. That’s because I had only one school teacher that was the best for me!
    A good teacher is an inspiring and motivating teacher. He’s a good listener and always ahead of the curve in terms of teaching!

  3. Hello Hadar 😉

    I always see to my teachers like a profesional people, and they give everything for us (sometimes :P), so some aspects that I think they would always have to be a good teacher some:
    1. They should be a joy to teach us
    2. To be professional in the way of teach
    3. Don’t be cruel or bad whit the students
    4. To create many ways of teaching (visual, games, computer, etc.)

    I’ve had a bad experience in the Highschool with a teacher, well almost, because I remember that she always came to the classroom and just asked us to open our books an read a lesson and then we have to answer in another book, but never we had a strong communication with the teacher, how was the lesson or if we understood, nope, nothing, but thanks to that I joined a club of English, out of the school, because I really wanted to understand English. I know it that have a long road still but I never give up.

    Thank You Hadar

  4. Dear Hadar !
    Thank you again so much for accepting me as a visitor. Having my health handicaps, that is the only possibility for me to participate in your group.

    Over my 84 years I have had several foreign language teachers (in German, in French and first of all in English). I think they were mostly quite good. The best ones of them, I think had a teaching style very similar to the yours one (I guess I can judge it from the many of yours videos I have seen). I try to list of the character and style marks just as come to my mind without a deep study:

    1. To be professional.
    2. To support the student’s self-confidence.
    3. To show that the foreign language is beautiful (as any languages people use) and it’s an entertainment to study it not a boring obligation. (Including to study the accent.)
    4. to be a “partner” in this “entertainment”, not a peevish, rigorous “teacher”.
    5. to make the teaching-learning relationship to be a kind of human one (a kind of friendship ?). -particularly when the student has developed to the level of expressing own ideas.
    My recent “English teacher” here in Hungary e.g. (a UK citizen from London with master degree in English teaching) is a good friend of mine. I’m sure our discussions (twice per week) are useful particularly because of that.

    1. Hey Laszlo, thank you so much for your answer! You’re so lucky to have such amazing teachers!

  5. Hi Hadar,
    I often watch your videos and learn they have helped me a lot. In my country I only studied English in Junior High School. I had this class only once a week and the class was basic and superficial. I Always wanted to speak English, but I didn’t have this opportunity before. Well, today I need to speak English in my life. I’m going to English classes twice a week, my teacher is amazing, she tries to make the best for each student, but it is hard, because in my class we have different levels of students and people constantly talking when teacher is talking. For me a good teacher is one who gives support, positive, creative, encourage and push us for not to give up. I understand my clients well and I speak with them, but I don’t speak fluently, but I believe everything is possible when you believe.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Jane! Thank you for your comment. Fluency is something that comes with time and practice. The more (longer period) you practice the better you become)

  6. Hello everyone! Great video!
    From my experience, when I was first beginning this journey of learning my second language (English ) I was so scared and nervous, this was a whole new world that I was beginning to explore now, looking back to those first days and first teachers, I can say that I was blessed to have lovely and encouraging ladies that pushed me to speak up and do better. In my opinion, what makes a good teacher; is a teacher that pushes you to do better and to discover what your strengths and abilities are. Also, that can make you feel good no matter at what level you may be starting. The sky is the limit! Those were the words I heard from my first English teachers.

  7. I am writing this from the perspective of a volunteer helping in English classes and as a mature adult (in my 60s) learning Spanish. When I help in English classes or take language classes, I’ve noticed that some teachers do not vary their teaching methods even when the students are struggling. I also helped at a school that was funded by grants and the grants required regular testing and progress on the tests. So sometimes the teachers focused on what would help the students pass the test rather than what the students wanted to learn. Frustrating for everyone.

    The teachers that I enjoy bring in culture and interesting topics. Even in very beginning classes for refugees they find ways for their students to tell them about their lives. I attend a group that is reading a Mexican novel and translating as we go. Very challenging but so much more interesting than watered down reading for beginners. Some days we only get through 4 pages in the hour but we get practice at pronounciation, we help each other with difficult passages and talk about the Mexican history and culture of the novel’s setting as well as the style of the writer.

    Thanks for your insights on English language learning. I hope that it can help me be a better tutor.

    1. Hey Christine, thank you for sharing your experience! Yes, you know, I think that test’s system really encourage students not to learn but learn how to pass the test which is sad ((

  8. Dear Hadar,
    Appreciated the way you explain the lessons. Since your page is accent’s way and my surname is aksan (accent) it sounds good 🙂 I will start to check more your web page starting next week.
    See you. Bye.

    1. Hey Yuksel, thank you for your comment! Such a pleasure to know that you find Hadar’s lessons helpful. Welcome to our global community of English learners))

  9. Good evening everyone,
    And thanks to Hadar another fantastic video of her.
    I started my English “journey” on last December from zero and I have to take some basic lesson.
    Since January to March I have employed 30% of my time on lessons and the rest with self taught. However, fifteen basic classes with an ancient, old way to teach English didn’t do much for me. “Cold” grammar rules a lot (I know perfectly the importance of grammar but if those keep without practical meaning they become a big problem); I saw big difficulties for improving: no conversation (obviously, because I was absolute beginner), bad listening capacity…in other words I was support on my will only.
    From March I noticed that existed different and much modern way to learn a new language (Accent’s Way is a very good tool for that!).
    I think the meaning Hadar’s way is to try a sort of reasoned full immersion, although “remotely”.
    Anyway I need guidance for this immersion, for good practicing, for, finally, improve all necessary skills.
    I believe this is a great journey but as with every big journey we need huge, amazing driving and accomplice too.
    Thanks to Hadar.

    1. Hey Giovanni, wow! Thank you so much for telling us about your English journey with us! Speaking is an important part of language fluency. In other words, the more you speak the better you become. We’re happy enough to have a wonderful online community founded by Hadar. Have a look at this video https://youtu.be/B6FWkGpPUQw and then decide if you want to join us)

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