What I learned about English fluency from… DANCE CLASSES 💃🕺

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If you've ever learned to dance, I assume it included moving your body and not just watching other people move, right? Same goes if you learned how to ride a bicycle or play the piano.

Well, you know what? The same goes for learning English!
If you want to become fluent – so fluent that you sometimes can’t tell the difference between speaking in English or your native language because they both feel so natural – you have to put what you learn into practice, which means – SPEAKING!

This is how you acquire a new habit. Eventually you won’t think much about a new word or sound because it will become automatic.

In this episode I’ll share some memories from my days in dance class (and what I learned from that experience). Because it’s not just about dancing, it’s about learning any new thing, including English.

Here are some videos you could use to create your own pronunciation routine:

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5 Comments on “What I learned about English fluency from… DANCE CLASSES 💃🕺”

  1. Hi Hadar ! Thank you for the lovely “Hadar Video” ! You are right, of course. Maybe another significant point still becomes to that subject. The relevance of retrieving the right words you would need to express some nuances of your thoughts. The more strongly someone strive to get the most proper word the easier he, she will stuck instead of talking fluently. That may even happen if someone talks using his, her mother tongue. People of apprehensive trait may learn fluently speak a foreign language therefore with relatively more difficulties than others. In fluent speech some anxiety inhibits the retrieval of words. Laszlo

  2. I really love this video.. Because your video is like a strong motivation for me to learn the second language every day. I have to make many mistakes a single day.. they would help me improve English in the future. Thanks

  3. Busy routine and lack of motivation are keeping me away from speaking English but your video give me energy to pursue my goal

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