How to pronounce: Water

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Here’s a short and not so farfetched scenario:

Can I get some water?
Excuse me?
Umm, we don’t have that.
Oh, you meant water!
Yes, that’s what I said. Water!!!

Sounds familiar?
What is it about this word that makes it difficult for American speakers to understand it when it’s not pronounced accurately?
Let’s find out.

I hope after viewing this video you’ll never remain thirsty (or frustrated) again.

Any other words that give you trouble? Post them below as a comment!

See you next week,


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6 Comments on “How to pronounce: Water”

  1. Hadar, in your video on how to pronounce the word water, you neglected to mention regional differences in pronunciation of this word. Please update your video by including a clarification on the regional differences in pronunciation of the word water.

  2. hello…
    the string “waadr” in the video is that IPA(International Phonetic Alphabet)?
    (I am not good at speak English…)

  3. Thank you for waadr! Could you post how to pronounce coffee, please? I have trouble with that too…

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