The Top 10 Mispronounced TV Shows

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In this episode, I’m going to teach you how to pronounce the top 10 TV shows that are often mispronounced by non-native speakers (can you already guess what they are??!)

And why are they often mispronounced?
Well, because as you’ll notice, each one of the shows on this list has a particular combination of sounds that makes it challenging to say them smoothly.

And since we often find ourselves talking about a certain show ALL DAY LONG, it’s important that the names flow out smoothly 😉

(Don’t forget to scroll down after watching the video to see the words spelled phonetically)

Now, practice it again:

1. Stranger Things /STREIN-j’r thin(g)z / IPA: ˈstreɪn-ʤər ˈθɪŋz
2. The Handmaid’s tale / th-‘HAND-meidz te-y’l (turns into th-‘HAN-meidz te-y’l)/ IPA: ðə ˈhɛənd-ˌmeɪdz ˈteɪɫ
3. Pretty Little Liars / pri-dee li-d’l lai-y’rz / ˈprɪ-t̬iː ˈlɪ-t̬əɫ ˈlaɪ-ərz
4. Big Little Lies / big li-d’l laiz / ˈbɪg ˈlɪt̬əɫ laɪz
5. Black Mirror / blak mir’r (turns into mirr) / IPA: blæk- ˈmɪrər
6. Game of Thrones / gei-m’v thrownz / IPA: ˈgeɪm əv ˈθroʊnz
7. Orange is the New Black / o-r’nj’z’th nuw blak / IPA: ˈɔrənʤ əz ðə nuː ˈblæk
8. Westworld / WES(t)-were-lld / IPA: ˈwɛst̚ˌwɜrɫd
9. Queer as folk / kwee-raz-fowk/ IPA: ˈkwir æz ˈfoʊk
10. The Bachelor & Bachelorette / th’ BATSH-l’r IPA: ˈbætʃ-lər / batsh-luh-RET IPA: ˌbætʃ-ləˈrɛt

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4 Comments on “The Top 10 Mispronounced TV Shows”

  1. Dear Hadar, you are really one of the best English teachers. I love this awesome sound and accent ❤. please keep it up your talents.

  2. Thanks. I knew how to pronounce them already, but found a couple of new shows-The Handmaid’s Tale & Black Mirror.?

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