Why Trump pronounced ‘Oranges’ instead of ‘origins’ (and how can he improve?)

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What’s the difference in pronunciation between ‘origins’ and ‘oranges’, and why is it so hard for president Trump to get it?

The Daily Show held a contest of Trump’s mispronounced words and 3,000,000 viewers cast their vote. The proud winner was the word ‘ORANGES’.

This episode is a pronunciation tutorial that explains the difference between ‘oranges’ and the word Trump initially meant to pronounce – ‘origins’.

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12 Comments on “Why Trump pronounced ‘Oranges’ instead of ‘origins’ (and how can he improve?)”

  1. Thank you, Hadar for one more gem of wisdom! I have been improving my listening and pronunciation skills little by little with your help. Keep up with your amazing work and dedication??

  2. 🙂
    Thank you Hadar, you are amazing!
    I have to add, your lessons on Youtube are all great and so useful for non-native speakers.

  3. Fantastic !!! I laughed (as usual, when I’m not angry …). Really a good explanation on how to pronounce the ‘N’!! Grazie.

  4. Thank you for the video! I listen to videos a lot and sometimes I think that I don’t understand anything. I’ve discovered the first reason.

  5. Hi !
    Thank you for this new video recognizably made by Hadar. It is full of sparkling wit, intelligence and professionalism. Nevertheless, I have to underscore that such misspellings you point out in your video can’t be simply explained as pronunciation problems. Such misspellings usually indicate that the speaker lapsed into incoherence due to definite mental dysfunctions. I have witnessed on the internet that the person you mentioned was showing such psychological problems.

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