Episode Transcript

Lunch or Launch?

#79 | 2:17

Hey, guys, it’s Hadar, and

this is the Accent’s Way.

Ron asked me to talk about

the important difference

between lunch and launch.

Lunch, as in, let’s have lunch one day.

And launch, as in, I’m

launching my product today.

Okay, so the difference is

in the middle vowel, okay?

Lunch, and launch.

The word lunch has a neutral uh sound

that exists in many different languages.


So, you can also call it a stress schwa,

it’s a cup sound.

Luh, lunch.

So the tongue is in the middle,

the mouth is relaxed, lunch.

Pretty simple.

The word launch has the aa as in father,

or the aw as in daughter.

Either one is great.

But just make sure that

you position the sound

in the back part of your mouth,

and pull the tongue back a bit.


Launch, okay?

So you can drop your jaw,

round the lips just a bit,

or relax your lips completely.


But it has to have that dar quality in it.

Otherwise, it’s gonna

have a neutral quality,

central quality, lunch,

and then it’s kinda flat,

sounding like the work lunch.



Notice it is not Lounch.

Although there is A-U

here, it’s not a diphthong.

It’s not ao, lao, ’cause then

it’s gonna sound like lounge.

Let’s chill in the lounge.


We’re launching our product today.

And we’re planning a nice lunch.



All right, that’s it,

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Let’s launch after lunch.

Let’s have lunch after launch.