Episode Transcript

“Chaos.” Hey guys, it’s Hadar and this is The Accent’s Way.
Today we’re gonna talk about how to pronounce the word ‘chaos’ – “chaos.”
There is so much chaos in this world.

Okay, we begin with a ‘k’ sound. The ‘k’ sound at the beginning of words is aspirated. So it feels like there was a little H right after – “k”, “kei”- and then it’s the ‘A’ asin ‘day’.

“Kay.” And that’s the primary stress so it’s going to be higher in pitch and longer – “kei”. The second syllable is ‘aas’, ‘aas’. ‘Ah’ as in ‘father’ and then you end it up with ‘sss’.

But, when you connect those two vowels you hear an intrusive sound – a small little ‘ye’ sound right there in the middle. So actually we want to say “kei-yaas”. “Chaos”. “Chaos”. Look at all this chaos.

What a chaotic afternoon I had.
Chaotic – “kei-yaa-d’k” with a flap ‘T’. The place was so chaotic I left immediately.
Chaos. Chaotic. Practice it.

That’s it! That was short and hope fully not too chaotic.
Leave me a comment below and share one sentence with the word’ chaos’ or ‘chaotic’ and let’s practice it together.
Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next week in the next video. Bye.