The Tongue Twister Challenge

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The difference between being a coach in life and a teacher on youtube, is the ability to interact and hear my audience.

I also thought (I've had a very thoughtful few days) that I really wanna do something that would get you to take action and do something that is more than just watching my videos.

Because when you take action, it has an immediate effect.
When you decide to do something that is beyond your comfort zone, you confront your fears and face your obstacles, and only then you develop confidence, improve your abilities and change arrives.

So… I came up with the TONGUE TWISTER CHALLENGE (Ends Feb 20th, 2017).
A great opportunity to receive my feedback and perhaps to win a 1:1 training with me!
And of course, to see for yourself that with practice and persistence you can achieve ANYTHING:)
Ready? Let's go:

Remember, It doesn’t have to perfect, you just have to do it.
It might be a little difficult and overwhelming at the beginning, but don’t worry. Repeat it slowly many times, go over the difficult transitions, break it down to yourself – and try it over and over until your tongue remembers what to do.
And here are the details:
In the video I will teach you the following tongue twister :
Elizabeth’s birthday is on the third Thursday of this month (many R’s and TH’s!)
I want you to practice this tongue twister at least 10 times and then MAKE A VIDEO saying it to the camera, and UPLOAD IT to your channel, then post the link as a comment below my video on YouTube.

Upload details:
Write in the Video title: The Accent’s Way tongue twister challenge: YOUR NAME

In the description please write where you are from, what is your first language,
add the link for this video:
And hashtag it: #AccentsWay #TongueTwisterChallenge

Each video will receive a written or video feedback from me, and on February 20th 2017 I’ll randomly pick one participant that is going to go LIVE with me on YouTube for a 1:1 training.

I’m inviting you to take action TODAY, and feel the change immediately.

We need many participants to make it as interesting as possible, so please SHARE this challenge with everyone you know!!

IF you have any questions, thoughts, hesitations and concerns WRITE them in the COMMENTS below the video!

Good luck!

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