How to pronounce though, thought, tough

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English is definitely one of those languages where what you see is NOT what you get.
Look at the words though, thought and tough.
All have the ‘ough’ spelling, but the words don’t rhyme.
Why? You guessed it! Because each word is pronounced differently.
If you ever felt confused by these words, today’s video is definitely going to help.

Next week, we’ll complete this lesson by comparing the words: ‘through’ and ‘thorough’.

Got any more interesting pairs?
Write them down in the comments below!

Have a great week,


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Hi there! It’s Hadar and this is the
Accent’s Way – your way to finding clarity,

confidence, and freedom in English.
Eduardo asked me to explain the

difference between the words: though,
thought, and tough. Now, they all look the

same with those O’s, U-G-H’s, but they sound
differently. So let’s explain the

difference between the three. The word
‘though’ begins with a strong ‘th’ sound – “th”

and then the “O-U-G-H” stands for the ‘oh’ as
and ‘go’. So basically, it’s only two sounds

“th-ow”, “thow” “thow”. The the word ‘thought’,

although you only add a T at the end but
the vowel is different. In this case, the

“O-U-G-H” stands for the ‘ah’ as in ‘father’
vowel. The ‘th’ is a soft ‘th’, so the tongue

comes out and only air is passing – “th” – then
you open it to an ‘ah’ sound –
thaa” – and you

end it with a very subtle T: “thaat” “thaat”. “Though”. “Thought”. The third word is

‘tough’. So in this case we begin with a
strong T sound it’s not a “th” – “T” “T” “T” – and the

“O-U-G-H” stands for “uh” “uh”. And then it ends with
an F sound. So the “G-H” actually represents

the F – “tuhf” “tuhf” “tuhf”. “Though.” “Thought.”
“Tough.” Alright? Good!

Very simple, when you think about it.
Right? Go ahead and practice it and don’t

forget to subscribe if you haven’t yet.
Also, if you like this video, please share

it with your friends and I will see you
next week in the next video. Bye!

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7 Comments on “How to pronounce though, thought, tough”

  1. Hello, Hadar. You cannot imagine how much you are helping me with your videos. This is only to say you: Thank you!!!!

  2. Dear Hadar

    Many thanks for the videos you sent to me, they’ve helped me to understand and practice the pronunciation definitely.
    By the way could you please help me to pronounce the words with ch and tch?

    Best regards

  3. hmm… Might take a little longer. I’ll try to upload a quick tutorial on my FB page for you.

  4. I asked you a question about pronunciation how to pronounce inability when would you publish that video

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