This vs. These

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One of the things you probably deal with when communicating in English,
is finding the confidence to speak and speak up.
To be able to express yourself as freely as you do in your native tongue.
To find the right words words. Not to get stuck.

Remember that communicating clearly and freely is all about practice.
Now, I know you’re busy and don’t have time to invest many hours a week in your English training.

So let’s make a deal – pick one thing every week that you can commit into doing daily, and do just that for one week.
This week, your task is to read out loud for five minutes every day.
Listening to your voice in English, connecting words and sounds and training your muscles can do wonders to your English. Are up for the challenge?

And when you do it, make sure to pronounce ‘this’ and ‘these’ accurately.
Watch this week’s video: This vs. These.

Please share with us how your weekly challenge goes in the comments bellow!

Good luck and good week,


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