There are vs. They are (+TH bonus)

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I wanted to share something with you.
This week I talked to a student of mine who’s made a huge progress in her training. I was overwhelmed with pride to hear the impact the work she did had on her life and communication in English.

The thing is, she had struggled A LOT at the beginning, almost to a point where she wanted to give up. She would barely open her mouth, and would avoid any situation that required her to speak.

But at some point, something clicked.

One day she had an important video conference at work where she had to speak in front of a few executives. At first she tried to get someone else to speak, but at the last minute she decided to take on the challenge. At the beginning everything was a little shaky, but as she went on she found the words flowing out and surprised herself as the sounds she’d been practicing diligently, suddenly appeared in her speech without even thinking about it.

It wasn’t perfect, sure, but it was an incredible progress.
She has realized that she’s not standing still, and there is change.
From that moment on her confidence increased, and her English became a lot more fluent and clear.

I guess the most important thing I want to say is – don’t get discouraged.
I mean, you can get discouraged, but you shouldn’t quit.
Accent and language training may get overwhelming at times.
But if you do the work, there’s always this ‘A-HA’ moment where you realize that you’re doing something right, that it works, and that you’re constantly changing and improving.

But you need to remember this one thing –
Practice is crucial and all, but the most important thing is to free yourself from any self-judgment and self-criticism. Otherwise you will be too busy to notice when those ‘A-HA’ moments come your way.

In today’s lesson I’m answering Delphine’s questions –
How to distinguish between ‘they are’ and ‘there are’
and how to pronounce s-th transitions (as in ‘is the’) easily and clearly.

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