2 ways to pronounce ‘the’

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Sometimes it’s the little ones that make all the difference (at least that’s what my preschool teacher used to say).

And today’s little word is ‘THE’.
Although small, it is ever so frequent and important.
But how should we say it? I hear De, Ze,thee…

There are only two valid ways to pronounce ‘the’, and it all depends on the word that comes after.

The ‘the’:

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4 Comments on “2 ways to pronounce ‘the’”

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  2. hi there,
    As always this video is well done and useful.
    I would like to add a question about a phrase pattern that I feel particularly difficult with the sound THE.
    That is when the sound THE is followed by the sound S. For example: WITH SOMETHING
    How do you manage the shift from the first TH to the sound S of SOME? It is bit tricky isn’t it ?
    thanks you in anticipation for your thoughts. JJ

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