Daily Pronunciation Practice for English Learners

Pronunciation Practice for English Learners
In this episode, I'm going to share with you the ideal morning pronunciation practice for your English. Now, here's the thing. Pronunciation is, basically, knowing how to use your muscles, your articulation organs. And as muscles, they need to be trained and you need to build up your muscle. And in order for you to master the sounds of English ... Read More

How to Talk About Social Justice in English | Vocabulary And Examples

At times of injustice, we need to show solidarity, educate ourselves and do our best to learn about people’s suffering. In this episode, I offer a short lesson that will help you navigate the current discourse about social justice and racism in English. I also want to offer food for thought, talking about diversity among YouTube’s English teachers. Would love ... Read More

6 Ways To Sound More Confident In English (Even If You’re Not!)

Let’s say you have a job interview tomorrow morning. And let’s say you haven’t reached your English breakthrough just yet, and you feel a little insecure about your English (and by little I mean you’re so anxious you can’t sleep). Since you don’t have enough time to become 100% fluent overnight, but you have to look confident to get that ... Read More

Heteronyms: Same Spelling but Different Pronunciation? 😱

Heteronyms are words that have the same spelling but different pronunciation. For instance ‘live’ ‘we live in Scotland’ but ‘it was a live concert’. And how about ‘resume’ ‘I sent them my resume’ vs ‘please return to your seats, the concert will resume in 2 minutes’. Sometimes it’s straightforward but sometimes it’s a little more confusing… (Like the word ‘polish’) ... Read More

Personal Things You Wanted To Know About Me

A little while ago I invited you to ask questions about me. I didn’t think I'd get too many questions but I was surprised to have receive dozens of awesome questions, and in this episode, I’m going to answer a bunch of them:) You’ll hear about how I met my husband, my life as a social activist, my biggest failure, ... Read More

Introverts Learning English

I’m an introvert. Every time I need to socialize with new people, I cringe a bit. In big parties, I mingle for the first few minutes, but pretty soon I find myself sneaking out without leaving traces. I would always prefer to sit alone at a CafeAnd when I fly, I pray that the person next to me falls asleep for the entire … Read More