This will skyrocket your English communication skills [with only 2 minutes a day]

What if I told you there was one thing you could do daily that would improve everything about your English communication: how you organize your thoughts, how to think in English, how to quickly find the words, your pronunciation, your vocabulary, your voice, your public speaking skills, your confidence and your overall flow. It’s absolutely free and all you need is your phone, 2 minutes of your day and your commitment.

How to learn a language | Building the RIGHT Habits

Habits are the actions that we take, and the thoughts that we have. Usually they are things that we’ve come to do automatically and repeatedly. So it’s important to reexamine our habits and see not only which habits we should keep or let go of, but also which we can learn and make our own in order to realize our full potential.
When it comes to learning English, we can talk about three types of habits: learning habits, speaking habits, and thinking habits.

10 MIN Pronunciation Challenge [HARD!]

english pronunciation practice

Download the script with the most challenging pronunciation practice This is the most challenging pronunciation practice I have created by far. I must admit, some of these drills were tricky for me too! But that’s exactly what made it so much fun! So if you’re up for a challenge, you HAVE to practice this with me. My pronunciation drills will … Read More

Want to master the pronunciation of English words? Listen to the rhythm

Improve pronunciation the rhythm of english words

Did you know that words have… RHYTHM? Maybe not like a pop song or jazz, but words have rhythm as a result of the stressed and unstressed parts in the word. Now, every language has its own rhythm, and in this video you’ll learn how the rhythm of your language might be different than English. Rhythm can help you significantly … Read More

How to Find the Primary Stress in Words

the primary stress in English

Primary stress is the one syllable in a word that sticks out the most: It’s longer, louder, and higher in pitch. In this video, we’ll dive deep into the world of primary stress and I’ll teach you, first, how to identify it, and then – how to predict it in some cases.

50 Powerful Fluency Tips (in under 5 minutes)

Download my list of 50 powerful fluency tips Ever felt stuck, not knowing what to do next to improve your fluency in English? NOT ANYMORE 🙂 In this episode I’m gonna share with you 50 of my best English fluency tips so that you can become fluent in English, or any other language. I know, it may sound like a … Read More

How to ask questions in English so that people understand you | Question Intonation in English

In this episode you’ll learn the difference between the intonation of statements, YES/NO questions, and WH questions, and you’ll also get to practice it, so you can make it your own! Understanding the difference between statements and questions can really help you understand native speakers better, and more importantly to communicate clearly and effectively in English.