Introverts Learning English

I’m an introvert. Every time I need to socialize with new people, I cringe a bit. In big parties, I mingle for the first few minutes, but pretty soon I find myself sneaking out without leaving traces. I would always prefer to sit alone at a CafeAnd when I fly, I pray that the person next to me falls asleep for the entire … Read More

Monotone vs. varied intonation: How to change your pitch in English

How to NOT sound boring?
Learn How your pitch can help you deliver a message, engage your listeners and make them FEEL something.
In this video, you’ll hear the difference between monotone voice and Varied intonation, understand how to control your pitch when you speak, and learn a fun tip at the end that will help you practice it effectively.

How to stop sounding FAKE and start feeling NATURAL in English

Today’s lesson deals with the question of sounding and feeling ‘natural’ in English. Do you ever feel that you work TOO HARD when you speak English? That you’re investing too much effort? Or perhaps you feel exhausted after an hour of a simple conversation? That’s what this lesson is all about: In this lesson, you’ll learn: 1. What are the … Read More

American Rhythm: Reese Witherspoon speech analysis

In this lesson you’re going to learn: 1. What is the secret of American rhythm and intonation?2. What are the things in American English that non-native speakers sometimes perceive as ‘fake’ and ‘over-the-top’, and how can we change this misperception?3. What makes a speech in English powerful and effective?  Scroll down to download the script with my intonation & rhythm … Read More

party vs potty

Do you also struggle with the R sound?If the answer is yes, don’t miss out on today’s video lesson. You see, in American English, there’s an ‘easy’ R, and a ‘tricky’ R. The R that slips away and disappears when we don’t pay enough attention. So first  – It’s not you. It’s the R. When the R appears at the end of the word or before … Read More

How to pronounce the S suffix

The S suffix is a popular addition to words (plurals, some verbs in the present simple tense, possessions). There are three different ways to pronounce the ‘-s’, And you’ll be surprised to hear that it is mostly NOT an S sound. In today’s video you’ll learn, 1. What are the 3 different pronunciations of the ‘-s’ suffix? 2. When to … Read More