I once had a student at a large hi-tech company who told me:
“I’m can carry a conversation pretty well,
and I think I am fairly Fluent. I read and write perfectly.
But sometimes when I have to present or when I have an important meeting,
I lose my grasp of English, I get stuck, I’m unable to formulate a clear thought and overall I feel pretty lousy about myself”.
(He actually used a harsher word. But I toned it down).

I asked:
-“How do you prepare yourself for a meeting in English?”
-“I don’t”, he answered.
-“Wait, you don’t approach it any differently than the way you approach your Hebrew meetings?” Said I.

After releasing a dissatisfied grunt I went off for 10 minutes (no breaks) telling him what he absolutely HAS to do if he wants to succeed and improve in English.

You see,
You, as a non-native speaker simply CANNOT approach important speaking opportunities the same way you approach them when they’re in your native tongue.
You just can’t.
You don’t want to survive in English. You want to thrive.
(Look at that. A good point AND it rhymes!).

Here is what I told him:

How to prepare in English

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Let me know how it goes!
Good luck,


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