Staff vs. stuff

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Say the following words OUT LOUD:

last-lust / lack-luck / stack-stuck / staff-stuff

Do they sound the same to you?
Do you know that these are two different vowels?

While it’s not a big deal to pronounce some of these pairs the same (I mean, stuck and stack are so different in meaning, it very clear when you're using what) but I bet it CAN get confusing when you intend to say one thing and it comes out as something else. And confusion leads to lack of confidence which leads to GETTING STUCK and then it’s just one big snowball!

This is why you should watch this video: How to pronounce: Staff vs. stuff

Try this today: before watching this video record yourself saying the words ‘staff’ and ‘stuff’ and record it again after you watch and practice these words along with the video. Let me know in the comments below if you hear a change!

For further practice I recommend you to check out my cap-cup-cop video, that explains the core difference between three similar very vowels in English.

Have a wonderful week <3 Hadar

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