10-min Powerful Pronunciation Practice | Hadar’s Sprints

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As an English learner, you probably already know that speaking is a big part of improving EVERYTHING about your English.

And if you don’t speak English on a daily basis, when you DO speak, it sometimes feels like you’re only using about 25% of what you know, whether it's grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation.

As a result, you get stuck, seem to forget words or how to form a grammatical sentence (have? has?), mispronounce words, and get way too self-conscious and insecure about speaking.

So – how can you overcome this?

How can you create the speaking experience and muscle memory of correct sounds, grammatically correct sentences, and new words, WITHOUT having the opportunity to use it all in context day in and day out?

This is exactly why I created the daily Sprint.

The Sprint is a sequence of pronunciation drills aimed at building your pronunciation confidence with new sounds, new words, and common grammar structures.

Through consistent repetition, you’ll build your muscle memory so it’ll be easier to use these sounds, retrieve words, and internalize the grammar structures you want to use.
All while working from the outside IN.

I’ve been using sprints in my programs and my students tell me this is HANDS DOWN the most effective exercise they’ve ever done.

Today, I want to share with you another great Sprint that I’ve created.

Get ready…. Set…. SPRINT!


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12 Comments on “10-min Powerful Pronunciation Practice | Hadar’s Sprints”

  1. You’ve been so smart watching the way and strategies using to learn non-native speakers use their muscles in order to get a good pronunciation. I Honestly like your whole teaching.: Sprints!

  2. I was down down down and after finishing the amazing practice and powerful practice I am over the moon.
    Thanks a lot for creating these tools for the improvement of our English pronunciation. lol

  3. I love the drill. I have difficulty to catch up with you (fast).
    I am going to commit the marathon.
    Thank you very much!
    You are awesome!

  4. Hadar, you ROCK!! You are one of my pillars during these crasy times! You are the best EVER!! Thank you much!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Hadar ! Thank you so much for the video and for the practice. It’s pleasant to do, relatively isn’t too long, nevertheless you feel that you have done something today. It’s a good feeling. You see that you became a little bit more today than you were yesterday. That makes stronger your believe that tomorrow you can continue on that track further. It pushes you out of any negative mood state about the track. You will clearly see that you can expect you will accomplish every day stepping forward a bit on that track leading with certainty to fluent, confident and beautiful English. This makes the end of your day shining even in such a low mood season. Laszlo

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