Building Pronunciation Confidence with Hadar’s Sprints

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As an English learner, you probably already know that speaking is a big part of improving EVERYTHING about your English.

And if you don’t speak English on a daily basis, when you DO speak, it may seem like you’re only using about 25% of what you know whether it's grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation.

As a result, you get stuck, seem to forget words or how to form a grammatical sentence (have? has?), mispronounce words, and get way too self-conscious and insecure about speaking.

So – how can you overcome this?
How can you create the speaking experience and muscle memory of correct sounds, grammatically correct sentences and new words WITHOUT the opportunity of using it all in context day in and day out?

Exactly for that reason I created the daily sprints. (download the sprint here)

The sprints are a sequence of pronunciation drills aimed at building pronunciation confidence in new sounds, new words and common grammar structures.

The repetition builds muscle memory so it becomes easier to use these sounds, retrieving the words and internalizing the grammar rule used.
All while working from the outside IN.

I’ve been using the sprints in my programs and my students tell me this is HANDS DOWN the most effective exercise they’ve ever done.

Today, I wanted to share it with you too.

Get ready…. Set…. SPRINT!

Get the pdf for EFFECTIVE practice

A FREE practice drill to build your pronunciation confidence daily

Get it

Check out the second Sprint.

✨✨✨✨If you liked this Sprint, you’re probably going to LOVE the SPRINT MASTER – 30 different Sprints for a powerful daily practice✨✨✨✨

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44 Comments on “Building Pronunciation Confidence with Hadar’s Sprints”

  1. Hi Mam,

    Hope you are well!!

    I want to improve my pronunciation skills for that I heard about the SPIRIT program, I have a few queries if you can clarify.

    1. Would this program provide the student’s feedback? if yes do I need to send the audio recording or how does it work?
    2. Would you provide any course material for practice at home?
    3. What will the mode and duration of daily classes? If I want to spend an hour daily, is it possible?
    4. Is there any other program as well for the improvement of pronunciation?

    Deepak Rusia

  2. Thank you very much Mrs. Shemesh. I like the way you teach. Excellent!
    More. please!

  3. Is this only for pronunciation lesson or it’s cover grammar and vocabulary too? Because I don’t live in an English speaking country I live in Pakistan, so I don’t have to speak like a native speaker so I am wondering do I have to speak like this?
    Please guide me I want to improve my grammar and vocabulary basically right now.

  4. MORE, MORE..

    I can feel my confidence is arising up again. English is like do YOGA, it is no only moviment and flexibility, but be aware, let your fears go, get confidence, connect the whole cycle, nourish your mind. One day, WITHOUT any expectation, you are going futher, your body is doing things that you never thought that him could do, then you don’t need to more think, only LET IT FLOW.

  5. That’s super!!! You’re amazing! Great exercises and great approach!!! Thanks a lot!
    Of course, MORE!!!

  6. I am very excited with your pronunciation and fluency in English language….. please you’re the best one… and appreciate so much….!

  7. Hello Hadar! You are such a blessing to me. I live in the USA for a year now however, speaking English is still a struggle for me, especially when expressing myself clearly. I have been trying to do your sprints to the best that I can and slowly applying your advice on how to improve my vocabulary. Thank you so much!

  8. Thank you Hadar, I want to be honest with you I am doing the first one every day two time for one month and now I will do this one a night before I go to be.

  9. Thank you mam! Though it is very difficult for me. I am trying my best. I am tribal from Bangladesh. It’s really hard for me . But I really want to learn English as well as pronunciation.

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