Intonation, connected speech & phrasing | Simon Sinek Speech Analysis

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When I first saw Simon Sinek’s answer to ‘the Millennial Question’,
I was intrigued.
Not only that the things he said were profound and insightful,
But also the WAY he spoke was engaging, easy to understand and powerful.

I thought that the best way for me to illustrate all the things I always talk about
like intonation, rhythm, connected speech, and phrasing
is to take great speakers that touch me deeply
and show how all of those things come together when they speak.

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2 Comments on “Intonation, connected speech & phrasing | Simon Sinek Speech Analysis”

  1. This is my favorite learning English I love it
    Thanks you I have learned a lot from it
    I hope you keep making more specialy the antinacion it really wonderful . !!!

  2. The video was very informative, especially concerning how content words and functions words should be read. Indeed it is much easier to understand what the speaker wants to convey to the audience.

    Now, I have a question for you. I often hear that listening to recorded English conversations at faster or slower speed is very effective for English learners. Is this true? If so, are there any academic research data to substantiate the claim?

    Lastly, thanks a lot for sharing your experience in English learning. Your advice is more convincing and intriguing. I hope to be able to reach your level of proficiency in English some day.

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