How to get over the fear of being judged by Native English speakers

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Have you ever felt nervous speaking English, especially around native speakers?
If the answer is yes, this week’s episode is for you.

When I had just moved back to Israel, I had social anxiety.
I felt so awkward around people,
I felt culturally detached and totally out of place.
Everything I said sounded stupid and superficial to me.
I remember being a part of a small theatre group,
and as we sat in the van traveling to a show

I would pray that no one would talk to me.
And if they do, that I would not come across as this awkward joke that I was in my head.

Certain social situations can be intimidating to people, in any language.
The stakes are so much higher if you’re communicating in English as a second language.

In this video, I’m going to answer Nadia, who shared with me her fears and struggles in English, in particular, the fear of being judged and ridiculed because of her accent and mistakes.

In this video you will learn:

1. How to turn your thoughts around so you can become a confident speaker
2. How to get past the fear of speaking with native speakers
3. Three things you can do to improve your English performance even if you are afraid

Join the conversation! Share with us in the comments below this video?:
Have you ever experienced (or still experience) anxiety when speaking English?
And if have, how did you deal with it?

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11 Comments on “How to get over the fear of being judged by Native English speakers”

  1. Thanks a lot Harder for you of work which you do for all us. I already told you that you are my hero and I’m happy that I’ve met you on my life path.
    As for accent, that I don’t care of it. One my English speaking friend said some day – Slavic accent sounds very sexy and you don’t need to get rid of it.
    Of course, it’s a joke. But my main goal is to learn speaking fluently and what more important – to understand those who speaks English (I have the same problems as Gabriel from Brazil).
    Thank you again.

  2. During the interview session I felt nervous. I don’t know what’s wrong with me i feel nervous I tried to pretend some one I am confident but I failed. I can speak English but interview time I got nervous. It’s my stage fear or something else I don’t know. I need a solution pls help me how to get rid of my problems .

  3. Thank you so much, it was very helpful, especially the psychological aspect of being in a conversation, and the fact that managing your thoughts means managing your feelings…. and i would be very grateful if you could give me/us some tips to speak and write academic English more properly……. thanks again.

  4. I’ve been battling with this since I was a young, now 23 and it’s really killing my confidence and I play mute when I’m at a gathering.

    I actually know what I’d like to say in my head, but the output is what drives me crazy.

  5. please can u talk about how to come over social anxiety because i have it and it dosn’t make me to get fluency as u know it is ruining the life

  6. On my vacation with a friend of mine in The Netherlands, three years ago, I ‘ ve experienced difficulties with talking with some native English and non native English speakers. I was feeling uncomfortable and stuck in,but still , I was pushing myself to find the right words, trying to be more conversational and creating a positive minset. That helped me not only to manage in a new environment and make some good relationships, but to feel free to express myself and to know that a language is a way for connecting with people,not for making boundaries between.Thanks Haddar for supporting us,???

  7. This videos are a blessing. I have a whatsapp group to practice english and shared this video. this is a good way to boost confidence while improving your english. Thank you Hadar!

  8. Totally refreshing! Since I began my journey in the U.S., I’ve been watching a ton of videos about learning English. I notice that the psychological aspect behind learning a new language is rarely explained. Not only you describe why we can feel nervous and anxious, but you provide us with solutions to overcome these feelings. It’s more than helpful. Thank you so much Hadar!

  9. I’ve never felt nervous YET because unfortunately I don’t have anyone to speak here in Brazil.
    As a matter of fact my mainly goal is be able of understand of people say first. I’m so happy because I could understand all of you talking about, but I don’t know why I can’t when I listening to the native speakers.
    Anyway I’d like to thank you so much because this class helped me a lot. Many blessings!

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