STOP doing THIS if you want to speak English fluently in 2020

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My English is this, My English is that. I don’t speak English fluently enough. I have such a thick accent.

It's almost 2020 so out with the old, in with the new.

And some of the things you tell yourself are really getting old, right?

They were probably even born OLD 🙂

So let's make 2020 all about the NEW.

Let's make a new lease on English and see how you can speak English fluently. But this time, no more judging yourself and others, and especially, don't sit around waiting for opportunities to knock on your door. Open that door of yours and go out there, out of your comfort zone and actively make opportunities for yourself in English. The road will be bumpy, for sure, but that's the only way to make it and you CAN make it.

And I’m here to help you let go of the old so you can focus on the NEW.
In this episode, I’m going to share with you 10 things you need to stop doing if you want to reach a breakthrough in the next 12 months.

Once you’re done watching don’t forget to add a comment telling me what you’re willing to let go of, and to download the 30 powerful affirmations I’ve created for you that will help create a daily practice that will get you results.

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18 Comments on “STOP doing THIS if you want to speak English fluently in 2020”

  1. Thanks Hadar,

    Yes, you are right, you highlighted our fears but the main thing is, how should I stop procrastinating. This is a question.


  2. Great Article , the content is really engaging . I am personally an English teacher but we can understand there is so much uniqueness in how everyone presents the information.

    This will help every beginner, intermediate and Advanced user to gain great insights on learning.

  3. Hello Hadar
    Love the 10 advices that I have to avoid doing .
    I really want to improve my English language and need to beliave that I can do it.
    I will be with you in 2020.
    Thank you.

  4. Hello Hadar,
    I have a question. Which is correct in a sentence when speaking of someone, “that” or “who” ? Eg : ( 1) The boy that climbed the tree. ( 2) The boy who climbed the tree.
    Thank you,

  5. Hi,
    I really appreciate this video and I learned many things. I don’t have much to write. In my learning I’m so passive than active so I wanna try to be more active, to speak all the time so that to get better result.

  6. Thanks a lot for giving me suggestion to stop judging other and comparing yourself with other it’s really a great tip I enjoyed and learned many things from your videos and I hope you will help me to learn step by step in future also. With lot of love. Moina

  7. I seriously look up to you so much your English is great for a non native speaker wow But anyways my goals to stop doing this year are to:
    -stop procrastination – this is a huge one for me , I need to do more and stop waiting for the “right” time
    -i need to stop comparing myself to others- also a very huge one for me
    -need to stop being negative about my English and be more active with it and less passive like you said in the video , I need to practice a lot and not just say BUT DO, ACTIONS
    -I need to stop judging others with an accent to make myself feel better about my accent , this is a must
    -I need to stop being scared of taking the lead in conversations, instead of holding back my thoughts in fear of sounding bad I need to speak up and practice it even if I make mistakes !

  8. As of today’s date, I will stop jorging other people, especially those whose native language isn’t English.

    I will also stop consuming too many vocabularies in a day because it’s not helping me at all.

  9. Hi Hadra
    It is very fascinating lecture and I hope that most of the lecture I obsorbed and understand fully. The first thing that I stoped would be to compare myself to others. The second thing that I will practice is to be active and don’t wait the opportunity. Those points I will leave behind and be ready on 2020 to go breakthrough for my English fluency.
    Thanks and happy new year.

  10. Hi,

    Your videos are so encouraging that give me an extra power for going ahead. To be honest, I hesitated to ennroll “another” English course. Yes, as many of us, I see the English language trought the lens of my languages, Catalan and Spanish. Now I realize how important is to let them go and focus on the music of the language. Yes, you have that magic ability to make me listen to the notes instead of focusing on the letters and content.
    My wish is to stop learning English by the means of watching videos and reading books. As you said, focusing on content doesnt help you to feel confident. I really want to overcome that feeling of being overwhelming.
    Well, my first aim will be to do more active learning, reading aloud and recording my voice, no matter if I feel or sound weird.
    And my second goal is stop procrstinating and stop my self-talk which heads me right to the content. I’ll give the chance to enjoy the improvements of my pronunciation, either they was small steps.

    Thank you for you engagement and your passion


  11. I tried to learn English a lot last year. I know I am better than one year ago but I need to work on my self-confidence. I will stop procrastinating and try to be more active. and also I will try to stop doing all these things that you mentioned. I always judged myself even though I tried to avoid this.
    I must stop high expectations to myself and I try to keep forward even one step each day.
    I know, being an efficient member of this community is related to my language and this is my highest goal in 2020 which lead me to follow my dream.

    Thanks a lot, dear Hedar for being here and Happy new year to you and your family

  12. Hadar, you are such amazing an inspiring mentor. Thanks a lot for what you have dedicated of your effort and your time. God Bless.

  13. Hi,
    I think that I’ll do more active learning than passive one in the next following months.
    Thanks Hadar.

  14. Hello Hadar

    First of all happy new year,,, I just found what you said very useful to me . I like the way you teach it’s very clear I can understand your accent very well dear, as well as Others like native and non native speakers . Also I am able to read English perfectly and I am not too bad at writing I believe. Nevertheless sometimes when I speak I stuck with it which makes me lose my confidence . I committed myself to do my best to stop doing these 10 things you mentioned in 2020.

    I really really appreciate your hard work sweety

    Thank you.

  15. I simply love the way you teach Hadar.

    I do Voice Overs and I am trying to get the “neutral American English accent” my pronunciation is pretty good, but how can I reach that “commercial” and/or “announcer neutral” accent, please help! What would you recommend me to practice with?

    Love and happiness for you and all your loved ones for this 2020 my forbidden love Hadar!

  16. Waw, you are so great and inspiring. I loved every bit of the video and thanks for sharing. Your invaluable the support will go a long way in helping me, much appreciated. May the good God continue to bless you with good health and happiness to that you will continue to upload more useful videos for us. Stay bless.

    I will stop procrastinating and be an active speaker. You have highlighted most of my fears and problems in public speaking. You are a Genius. I will stop judging myself and push our the negative thoughts that do bother me whenever I try to speak English. I always hold myself back in communications. I will start practising. thanks for everything my dear.

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