Six Food Names you’re (Probably) Pronouncing WRONG

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Have you ever sat in a restaurant and ordered something simple, but the server could just not understand what it is that you're asking for?…
Maybe it's because you asked for one of the foods I'm talking about in today's video ?

This is why you HAVE TO watch this video:
1. You’ll learn how to pronounce the 6 most mispronounced and confusing food names in English.
2. You'll hear two extremely funny and EMBARRASSING mispronunciation stories (one from when I
was working in NY for the worst restaurant owner ever).
3. You’ll get to hear me speak Hebrew for the first time in a video!

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5 Comments on “Six Food Names you’re (Probably) Pronouncing WRONG”

  1. Really useful lesson!! Thank you, so much! So many times I was in ridiculous situations, like your husband. :))) I’d like to know more about food names if it’s possible. Thank you again!

    If you make workshops in Israel, I’ll join with pleasure. You are an incredible teacher!

  2. Wow. I didn’t realize that…
    Pronunciation and writting was really different.

    Thank you Hadar for the great useful lesson.

  3. Thank you for this useful lesson ! And so funny ! Have a great Sunday! Here, in France, It’s so sunny and warm ! Hope It’s the same for you !

  4. Great one Hadar!
    My wife and I are trying to digest the pronunciation of “quinoa”, we didn’t expect that…

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