Learn American Intonation and Public Speaking with Shonda Rhimes

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I hear voices in my head.
I do.
Male voices. Female voices.
Sometimes they all speak to me at once.

Now, before you check me into the nearest mental institution, allow me to explain.
I hear the voices of speakers in my head.
When I first started working on my American Accent in New York City I used to collect recordings of beautiful speeches; movie speeches, famous speeches (“I have a dream”), commencement speeches…
And I would hear them over and over on a scratched, overused and poorly taken care of CD or play them on a mini-cassette tape that I owned.
(yes, it was THAT long ago?)

And then I would play them in my head.
Their voices, the melody of the words going up and down and the internal rhythm of the speech would stay with me for days.
And I’d completely surrender to it, let it come to life in my head every time there was silence around.

And I would just let the words be there,
Simmer and boil
Until the perfect moment would arrive
Where I would just speak those words out
Using their melodies
As if they were my own.
But by that time, they were my own.

This is why I am analyzing speeches for you
word by word, note by note
Because I know
That if you start hearing those voices as I did
Something will happen,
And they will pour out of you as well.

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