How to pronounce “schedule”

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In today’s lesson, I’m going to talk about the TWO possible pronunciations of the word ‘schedule’ in American English.

Afterward, I’m inviting you to get creative and come up with a sentence using the word ‘schedule’, and post it in the comments below the video on YouTube.

That way you’ll get to improve your vocabulary AND enjoy various sentences for practice by other community members.

Cause you know.. practice makes BETTER!

Watch: How to pronounce ‘schedule’

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11 Comments on “How to pronounce “schedule””

  1. I have been often using this word. schedule.
    And just now i noticed ,that my pronunciation is terrible.
    Thank you teacher.

  2. At our adolescent we mostly have a detailed schedule how we shall redeem the world. We should fail but our striving to accomplish it may worth for living.

  3. I liked the video, because i arrive to EE UU around six weeks and i need to go to different college for obtain information about the schedule for the classes to English

  4. Thank you very much teacher. Am so happy about your method to let us improving our vocabulary.

  5. The video is extremely well for me to come to understand the pronunciation Schedule

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