We all know the Starbucks experience.
You’re walking to the counter, gathering courage to make an order,
and then comes the part of saying your name…
And you wonder to yourself – How badly would they mess my name up this time?

What is so difficult about your name that makes it so hard for (most) native English speakers to get it right? And is there something you can do about it?
(the answer is yes)

This is a two part lesson and it requires you to take action.
Today, I’m going to share with you why it is so difficult and invite you to participate in the “Say My Name challenge”!You can be featured in my upcoming mini training on how to say your name, and I will talk about YOUR name.

Watch: How to say your name in English [part one]

Say My Name Challenge

Wanna be features in my next video as I teach how to say non-native English names in English?
Send me a short video of you saying your name twice; once as you’d say it in your native tongue, and once the way you introduce yourself to English speakers. Send it to hadar@accentsway.com byl November 10th, 2017.You don’t have much time so go get your phone and turn that camera on!

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