American Rhythm: Reese Witherspoon speech analysis

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In this lesson you’re going to learn:

1. What is the secret of American rhythm and intonation?
2. What are the things in American English that non-native speakers sometimes perceive as ‘fake’ and ‘over-the-top’, and how can we change this misperception?
3. What makes a speech in English powerful and effective? 

Scroll down to download the script with my intonation & rhythm notes for effective practice!

Download Visual Notes

Download the script with my rhythm and intonation notes

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6 Comments on “American Rhythm: Reese Witherspoon speech analysis”

  1. I just want to express my gratitude for actually teaching people that studing english and learning how to speak english are a different ballpark,

  2. Hey there! I cannot get the script. The link I got it does notr work.
    please give me the right one. Regards

  3. Dear Hadar,

    Thank you for breaking down the speech and explaining how and where to focus on listening to and mimic each section. I desperately needed to see and hear a lesson about “Rhythm and Intonation” in this way. You are seriously a gifted teacher!

    Many thanks?

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