Recipe vs. Receipt

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Have you ever gotten the words RECIPE and RECEIPT confused because of the spelling?Or have you ever mispronounced them?
Because they sure don’t sound like the way they’re spelled.

If you’re not really sure…well…
Maybe this video is for you. Watch:
How to pronounce Recipe and Receipt:

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5 Comments on “Recipe vs. Receipt”

  1. Hadar, you are a model to follow by non-native English speakers. Thanks.
    How the word Presumptuous is pronounced. The cluster mptsh is beyond my incipient English skills.

  2. Hi hadar ..i want to improve my english because i dont have freind to talk about anything in english

  3. hiii
    I love your teaching style and if u pronounce any word so kindly atkear one synonyms pronounciation also please

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