How to pronounce ‘PARTICULARLY’

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Do you use this word as much as you want to?
(Or do you find substitutions such as : especially, specifically…)

How should we pronounce this 4-syllable word with all those L's and R's?

How to pronounce PARTICULARLY:

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2 Comments on “How to pronounce ‘PARTICULARLY’”

  1. Surely “particularly” is a 5 syllable word not 4. The “per” sound at the beginning may be true of American English but is not necessarily the case elsewhere. I’m Australian and it’s a short soft “par” sound though here it’s more likely to sound like “pah” as we speak a noticeably non-rhotic version of English. eg “water” sounds more like “waugh-ta”. The word “particularly” to us is more like “pah-tic-u-lah-lee” with an emphasis on the “tic”.

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