How to pronounce P vs. B in English

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The P and B in English may seem to you like two harmless and simple sounds, unlike the American R or TH, for instance.

But! (You know there’s always a BUT, right?)
If you confuse them, there’s trouble.

Well, not like going-into-jail kind of trouble,
but more like mispronouncing the word ‘pitch’ a few times without understanding why everyone in the room is so quiet all of a sudden.

Being aware of the voiced and voiceless sounds of English is so so important for clarity, and this vowel pair P-B is a perfect example of that.

In this lesson you’ll learn:
1. How to pronounce the B and P and how to not confuse them
2. How to pronounce the aspirated P in English


Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever struggled with pronouncing the /b/ and /p/ sounds in English? And if not, what’s the most complicated English sound for you to pronounce?

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10 Comments on “How to pronounce P vs. B in English”

  1. Dear Hadar.
    My problem at the moment is that my browser Safari does not pick up your video. I will have to change over to Google Chrome. I will try to do it myself or wait for my son-in- law to do it for me.
    I enjoyed you U-tube lessons very much!

  2. What is the hack Hadar!!!!
    you’re such an awesome teacher and a fabulous coach.
    You just make it easy to differentiate between both P and B, great JOB!

  3. Good evening hadar
    That great video I start to understand the different between b & p
    Thanks for all your effort
    You alawyes great person
    You are high symbol for all middle East youth
    Your student
    Ahmed fathy

    1. Hey Mendi, thank you for your comment! We’ve just checked: you’re a Hadar’s weekly newsletter subscriber) If you don’t get her letters please let us know and we’ll fix it) have a great weekend!

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