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Is this you?

  • Do you get nervous when you need to speak English?
  • Do you feel that you’ve missed out on opportunities in your life because of the feeling that your English is not good enough?
  • Do you feel that once you have a deeper understanding of how English should sound like, you’ll feel more confident to use it? To achieve this level of confidence, do you need guidance, structure and feedback from someone who knows exactly what you’re going through and can coach you through the struggles and frustration?

If so, this program might be
just for you.

what is this program all about?

How would you like to walk into a job interview, an important meeting or even Starbucks, and say what you have to say without feeling self-conscious or frustrated.

Maybe you’re just tired of not fully understating your friends or colleagues? If someone has a bit of a dialect; Southern, Australian… forget about it.
Or watching your favorite TV series and feeling completely helpless if there are no subtitles.

Perhaps you’re OK with your English but you want it to shine when you speak. It’s not too much to ask.

You know how fluent and sharp you are in your first language
and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel as free when you speak English.

It IS Possible!

You are yet to make many breakthroughs in your life.
It’s all a matter of motivation and focus.

Are you ready to make a
breakthrough in your English?

If the answer is ‘yes’, I’d be honored to guide you through this journey.

Now, you might have already tried different training programs, learned from YouTube videos, or purchased online courses. You might have started a program but never had the patience or motivation to finish . Maybe you did complete some training programs and felt an improvement afterwards, but it didn’t stick. Maybe you’ve done so many things that have helped, but you’re still not able to see the bigger picture.
Here’s the thing: It is not that you just don’t get it.

There’s no such thing as not being talented in learning a language.

It’s just that you haven’t found the right program that will sweep you off your feet and make you fall in love with English.

I know
what it’s like.

I’m not a native speaker. I’m Israeli-born and Hebrew is my first language. When I moved to the U.S. at the age of 21, I had really good English but I still had an accent. At first, I didn’t want to be recognized as a foreigner. I changed my name to JULIA (sorry mom), and never mentioned my Israeli origin. But I still couldn’t avoid questions like: “Oh, where are you from?” Or, my favorite: “I love your accent! It’s so exotic!” Really? Cause I don’t.

When I enrolled in acting school, it was even worse. I couldn’t figure out the rhythm of the language which made me always sound so different than the others. I knew in my head how it should sound, I just wasn’t able to make it.

I kept thinking – if only I could say that in my first language, oh then I would show them how talented I am!

At some point, I realized that feeling sorry for myself is not going to advance me in any way. Also, I was lucky enough to come across the right coach who took me under her wing and guided me through my accent training. I still hear her voice in my head when I teach.

I felt the change

When I started the training I was shocked at how simple everything can be when it’s broken down to small pieces. Once I knew how to listen to English and what to focus on, I started to get better. Something that was once overwhelming and vague became feasible and easy to practice. It took a few more months of practice, but suddenly I stopped getting asked, “Where are you from?” on the streets. Instead I got: “Oh you’re not American? Wow, I couldn’t have guessed.” Snap!
Of course, once I felt more confident about how I sounded, my English improved. I would give myself the permission to speak more, the words were more accessible and I’d be stuck a lot less.

I can’t tell you the sense of accomplishment I felt.
I realized that if I set my mind into something, I could do anything.

I’m not saying all that to brag. I’m telling you all this because:

  1. I know what it’s like. I’ve been there. I understand exactly where you’re at and what you’re going through.
  2. I can show you exactly what it takes to get to the other side.

Bottom line is: I’ve done it. I’ve trained others to do it and I know with every part of my body and heart that if you want this bad enough,

you can do it, too.

level up your english game

The complete A-Z course for non-native English speakers

who struggle with their spoken English and want to communicate clearly, confidently and fluently.

What makes this course

so effective?

  • clear
    work plan

  • Audio

  • Full

  • Video

  • English

  • bonus

  • private

  • Lifetime

  • The course is 10 weeks long. The first module will open on Monday, October 29th, 2018. Every week (except for weeks 5 and 10) a series of elaborate video lessons will be released that you’ll watch and practice with at your own time and pace.
  • During the course we’ll have three live webinars During these webinars, you’ll be able to work with me individually, ask questions, practice with others, and get new tips and tricks that I only share live (the sessions will be recorded and shared).
  • Every week during the course I’ll broadcast live on Facebook, answer questions and bring people on air to practice with me live.
  • You will get a detailed daily practice plan for the entire week, with  access to a simple practice platform that has many speech exercises, practice resources and tasks that’ll help you assimilate everything you learn.
  • We’ll work with TED talks, movie scenes, listening and speaking exercises , as well as speech and pronunciation drills.
  • At the end of the program, you’ll have access to a bunch of bonuses that will help you improve your confidence, fluency and spoken English.
  • You get LIFETIME access to the members site. This will allow you to retake the course as many times as you’d like and practice for as long as you need.
  • Although it’s an online course, you’re not doing it alone. You are a part of a larger community, all with the same needs, motivation and curriculum:) You’ll all be watching the same videos at the same time, discussing different topics in the FacebookFB group, uploading video tasks, and connecting in the live sessions. You’ll learn from and with others and will be able to share your experience. It’ll give you a sense of accountability and help you stay committed and motivated. But if you prefer to do it on your own… You can too:)
  • You’ll have direct access to me via our private FB group and email.
  • You’ll be able to sign up to work with me 1:1 during designated office hours.

What are we going to learn?

Pronunciation Secrets

Pronunciation of consonants that will soften your accent and allow flow, as well as the pronunciation of vowels, to improve clarity and confidence.

American Intonation

Using melody, stress and the rhythm of American English to create an impact in your speech and make your English more effective.

Pitfalls to Avoid

Avoiding common mistakes and learning to analyze spelling patterns of English.


Informal speech, filler words, business expressions, asking questions and reductions.


Tips and tricks to make your English fluent, available, and free.

Practice Techniques

We’ll learn several practice techniques to practice your accent effectively, and improve your fluency, vocabulary and flow in English.

Here's how it all breaks down

  • Module 1
    Getting Started
    Introduction to American Accent
    The TH – get your tongue to
    The Schwa – the secret of the American accent
    Tip of the week: Daily practice drills
  • Module 2
    The Basics
    æ as in ‘cat’ – th
    ɑ as in ‘father’
    Comparison æ vs ɑ
    Tip of the week: Finding stress in long words
  • Module 3
    Feeling the Flow
    Intonation: Content words – words we stress
    Intonation: Function words – words we reduce
    Tip of the week: Effective practice techniques
  • Module 4
    Overcoming Obstacles
    The American R – The most challenging
    The American L
    The ‘stir’ sound
  • Module 5
    Gaining Clarity
    Sheep vs. ship
    American Rhythm – the feel of American English
    Tip of the week: prepositions on/in/at
  • Module 6
    Gaining Power
    Pool vs pull
    Intonation – How to become influential
    Tip of the week: The -s suffix
  • Module 7
    Fine Tuning
    Connected speech – flow and fluency techniques
    The Flap T
    oʊ as in ‘go’
    eɪ as in ‘day’
    Tip of the week: How to say big numbers
  • Module 8
    Owning It
    ʌ as in ‘cup’
    Comparing æ-ʌ-ɑ (the three ‘A’ sounds)
    Chunks – pronunciation of common expressions in English
    The different T’s
    Course summary – How to put it all together
    • And to Make Sure You’re Supported Every Step Of The Way, You’ll Also Get Access to:

      American Accent in 5 Steps

      90 min workshop. The 5 essential steps for effective accent training.
      Includes additional resources and workbook that will guide you throughout the course.
      (a $179 value)

      Three 90 minute live webinars

      During the course we’ll conduct three live webinar in which I’ll answer questions, work individually with participants and teach you new lessons. Even if you can’t join one of the sessions, you’ll have access to the replay, immediately after it’s over.
      (a $120 value)

      Daily practice toolkit

      56 Different daily recordings to practice along with me for the period of two months. Once the course is over, you’ll be able to practice and review different topics and learn new tricks in a simple and accessible way, in only ten minutes a day, every day.
      (a $168 value)

      The Private Accent Makeover Facebook group

      A closed group of supportive members from all over the world who will encourage and inspire you to improve. This is where you’ll go to get your most pressing questions answered quickly and accurately, and receive direct feedback on your practice from me and other members.

      (a $180/year value)

      Small Talk Training

      How to make small-talk effective, fun and effortless. Video workshop, exercises and active practice with other members.
      (a $97 value)

      Find your vocal power

      In this workshop we’ll answer the questions: How does your voice affect your presence, confidence and message? How can you find the right placement for your voice and speak with power?
      (a $97 value)

      Learning Resources

      My list of top websites, apps and blogs that will help you stay on your game in English.

      When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $840!

    Here are a few of the results you can expect from

    The Accent Makeover online program:

    • You will be able to pronounce all sounds and challenging transitions in English.
    • You’ll start hearing the language differently and notice all those things that have escaped your ear until today (and once you notice it, you can make it)
    • You’ll start using intonation, rhythm and stress patterns in American English and become more influential when you speak.
    • You’ll have a detailed and specific daily practice that’ll help you assimilate everything you’ve learned and keep you on track.
    • You’ll speak more clearly.
    • You’ll feel confident and fluent in English.
    • You’ll get stuck less.
    As you know, there are no magic solutions. After 10 weeks you will not lose your accent completely. But you’ll see tons of progress and get rapid improvement during and after the course.

    But don’t just take my word for it.

    Here’s what some of my students say about the course:


    Before taking the Accent Makeover online course, I'd never been empowered by anybody else in language improving in the outstanding way Hadar did and is still is doing. To be entirely transparent, I hesitated a great deal before signing in and was doubtful of whether it is going to work at all. Despite having deep language experience and advanced English grammar skills, I struggled with self-confidence in fluency and pronunciation. During the Accent Makeover class, something marvelous was happening. It changed my perspective on language learning thoroughly. It is based upon Hadar's excellent approach to coach enabling everyone to improve specific skills individually. Consequently, once and for all I changed my habits how to do the muscle work speaking English with proper rhythm, intonation and feeling the flow. Finally, I got it and put together the puzzle of the American accent. Hadar's great personality as a teacher, coach, and friend as well as her inspiring ability to capture people's imagination and to lead students to discover their hidden potential enriched my life and profession. Without the slightest whiff of exaggeration I highly recommend Hadar's online workshop!

    Manol Roussev, Scientist

    I think you are BRILLIANT! You are so knowledgeable and obviously experienced as a teacher, and your class is so freaking beyond anything I've seen. I have enjoyed quite a bit seeing you explain sounds, where they come from and the similarities or differences between a specific sound you teach and its equivalent in other languages, and BANG!!! you nail it from every single angle!!! Every single time!!! There is no freaking way a person could not understand what the sound is or how to imitate it. And then you are so charismatic, so humble, so easy to watch/listen to... I wish you were my EN as a 2nd language teacher back when I was 17… the class has served us as the perfect excuse to move a step forward in many positive directions, specifically regarding Chloe's personal growth - so it isn't always about "gaining confidence and clarity in English" ;P

    Zofia Machnowski

    Hadar is much more than a dialect coach. She will make you fall in love with English, and help you find the best and most unique way to express yourself.

    Yael Feldinger
    Even years after our practice sessions with Hadar are over, I can still say they were easily one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. I’m always aware of the little speech nuances now, noticing and practicing them like Hadar has taught me – I still keep improving! I used to feel very self-conscious about my dialect before. Even though it still isn’t perfect, the most important outcome is that I feel completely confident speaking English now.
    Tania Lanin
    Hadar’s online course is a joy and it was absolutely priceless!. Hadar's teaching approach is effective because she's able to detect your struggles and teach you how to fix them, in a way that it's easy to comprehend and stick with. She's accessible and caters to the needs of every student no matter what their levels are. I truly appreciate her kindness, hard work, professionalism and positive disposition. If you're committed to improve, Hadar will be truly committed to your improvement.
    Miriam Pinedo, Actress

    The Accent Makeover Course has been around…


    The workshop has 8 modules that are released over the course of 10 weeks (beginning date October 29th, 2018 end date January 7th, 2019.)
    Every Monday at 9 am EST a new module will open (except for weeks 5 &10).

    You’ll be watching the content at your own pace and time, so you’re not obligated to show up at a certain hour.

    Every module has several lesson, and each lesson contains a video tutorial in which I explain the new sound/subject and afterwards we practice it together in words, phrases, sentences and texts as I walk you through the entire practice, pointing out what to look for, what pitfalls to avoid, where do people usually struggle and how to overcome it. In the videos I also guide and coach you so you’ll stay motivated and focused.

    After the program is over you’ll have lifetime access to the membership site to which new content is added every month.

    level up your english game

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