From Shame to Pride: The Transformation of a Non-Native English teacher

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What happens when you want to open your mouth but you’re too afraid of what comes out?
Would you still speak? Or would you keep quiet?

This is a question Isis faced years ago when she had just moved to Canada from Brazil.
And for a while, she chose to be quiet. Her fears took over.
The fear of judgment, fear of prejudice, fear of being excluded, fear of being stereotyped, fear of making mistakes.

The only problem was… She was an English teacher.
That was her passion in life.

How can you overcome fears and fulfill your passion?
How can you make your voice heard despite your limiting thoughts?
How can you change your mindset to achieve your dreams and your goals?

This and much more will be discussed in today’s episode:

Let us know in the comments below:
1. What are your advantages as a non-native speaker?
2. ESL teachers – share with us some of the fears, frustrations, successes, and stories that you’ve experienced on your English teaching journey.

Thanks for watching!

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6 Comments on “From Shame to Pride: The Transformation of a Non-Native English teacher”

  1. Thanks Hadar for the continued great job you’ve been doing in pursuing to improve other people life. Listened to that non-native speaker fuels my mind to get to the next level..She is so amazing. Love her experience.
    Keep the good job.

  2. Dear Hadar thank you and your guest for great video . It is best example wich shows that , until we will not to speak we can’t reach success .We need overcome fear as soon as possible to steep to next level. I know people are kind and nobody will judge for some mistakes . Big respect you.

  3. Hi Hadar and Isis !

    Thank you so much for the superb video ! I would like to congratulate for both the video and for both of your successes and for your achievements in your life ! As a once active psychiatrist I particularly appreciate the successful struggle you have won (although different places and maybe with different tools) against prejudices.
    Of course, my fate and my struggles have been different. Nevertheless, as a scientist from Hungary, an east European country I also encountered several times the geographical prejudice. It was relatively frequent in France, lower in the USA where I had been working for four years mostly as a visiting associate professor at Brown and Albert Einstein Universities.
    However, recently I have been experiencing sharply increasing manner an other nasty kind of prejudices. That is the ageism. (I am 84 years old) Ageism is present everywhere. It is strong in East Europe. So, never believe that you have got rid of prejudices. You have never stop fighting against them.
    Your video, as I consider it is a strong and valuable admittance to the fight against a special problem of racism one of the nastiest and most dangerous prejudice.
    I feel that your video focuses on the problem how someone can cope with the inferiority complex fueled by the subconscious fear born from latent or merely suspected prejudices in the environment.
    Thank you for it and congratulation !
    Laszlo Latzkovits

  4. 1. Advantages as a non-native speaker- a wide-open perspective view and being able to stand up and express a different mindset.

    2. Disadvantages- ”our inner thoughts of thinking we might fail at being different and unique. We may face the feeling of ’’being judged’’.

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