Learn English Intonation with Frozen

Learn English with Frozen
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I recently got a great lesson in intonation and expression from an unlikely source: the Disney movie Frozen 2. ☃️ ❄️

You read that right.

My daughters were watching it with their headphones on, which allowed me to observe the characters without hearing their voices.

What I noticed was that I could get the meaning of what they were saying purely by watching their movement, gestures, and facial expressions, which corresponded perfectly with the rhythms of American English.

On stressed words there was some kind of movement, whereas unstressed words had none.

It was pretty fascinating to watch.

In today’s episode, I’ll be teaching you the differences between stressed and unstressed words and sharing clips from Frozen 2 to show you how the character animation helps convey those operative (stressed) words.

🗣️ I’d love to hear from you: Do you notice your gestures or expressions when speaking English? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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7 Comments on “Learn English Intonation with Frozen”

  1. Hi Hadar. Thanks for all your videos and program sounds. I am interested to learn more about speaking the right accent and intonation so the people would understand me more. Because of your coaching, I was able to send a short video for my church in my country overseas to send greetings for the church anniversary using the right words with intonations. I know, I am far left behind from your lesson but I am catching up. Thanks so much. Have a wonderful blessing ahead of you.

  2. Hey Haddar! I didn’t pay attention to the connection between body movements and language in animation before watching this episode. Thanks to your daughters!

    Recently I read comics with my english pals outloud. That helps me to be more expressive. Now I bring some body language to that~

    Have a fantastic day!

  3. Oh, Haddad! Always so interesting! I would add that it is not the ‘body’ like an separate entity which is aligned with the words. The body is the carrier of the emotions. What are really very aligned are language and emotions. It is so important for us, psychologists, to help people notice that. Because, of course, the way you feel while speaking will make you say words in a certain way and will make the other person be open to listen to you or close himself to the interaction. It is all the same principle 😃

  4. Dear Hadar !
    I should had been waiting for encountering a real great actress for 8 decades Thank you for that my waiting wasn’t in vain.
    (Who is by the way a superb language teacher !)

  5. Hey Hadar please send me more information about your program Sounds. I’m interested.


    Felicia Guedez

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