Don’t Let English Keep You Silent | International Women’s Day Special

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Women have been silenced for decades and generations. It’s practically in our DNA.

We don’t live in an equal society and women’s voices are still not being heard enough.

As a RESULT, women tend to be perfectionist, overly-judgmental, and are required to work harder to prove themselves and to succeed.

And when it comes to English, the fear of speaking up becomes paralyzing when you’re a non-native speaker.

In this video, you’ll find a message from your sisters around the world that will remind you that your voice matters.

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5 Comments on “Don’t Let English Keep You Silent | International Women’s Day Special”

  1. Yes, i agree with you that there’s a gap between women and men in many different fields like different salaries but equal work, i can’t imagine people doing the same work in the same place and take different salaries. also. Women can’t take the same chances like men to travel alone.

  2. Hi Hadar ! May I congratulate for your video ! Of course, the gender inequality isn’t determined by genes. The society is responsible for its existence. Therefore, it’s important to shout out inequalities in a worldwide spoken language, in English. Even if someone’s English isn’t perfect.

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