How to Take Notes In English

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You’re sitting in class.
The teacher is speaking. Fast.
You’re trying to take notes.
“What was she saying?” you’re thinking
You spend two seconds trying to figure out what the second word in the last sentence was,
and it’s a matter of seconds before you fall way behind.
She’s already talking about something else.
You’re lost again.

Or maybe you’re in a meeting, and your boss is speaking.
You have to take notes, but you can’t do it all at once: listen, understand, respond, show that you’re interested and take notes so you can write a meeting summary at the end.

And then you walk out, thinking…
I need to improve my listening comprehension.
Vocabulary. Fluency. English. Grammar. Writing speed.
And lose 3 pounds.
(cuz if you’re already hard on yourself why not beat yourself up completely?)

But, you know,
You really don’t have to do all that to be the best note-taker in class.
To take notes and still stay engaged in class.
To understand that dry, sarcastic joke because your head is not buried in your notes.

Because there’s a way to…
how should I say it..
(You know I love cheating)

And.. I’m going to share that with you in today’s episode.

So here’s what’s waiting for you once you hit the play button:

1. Why is taking notes in English so freaking challenging? (00:40)
2. What you should never do when taking notes (02:15)
3. A new approach to note-taking and how understanding intonation can help (04:10)
4. Note-taking strategy #1: Messy & immediate (13:12)
5. Note-taking strategy #2: Organized & long-term (17:45)

What’s your favorite method to take notes?
Be a pal and share it with us in the comments!

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9 Comments on “How to Take Notes In English”

  1. Thank you Hadar! The video “How to take notes” was awesome. I’m always stucking on correct writing and am wasting my time. Now I realised what was that difficulty.:)

  2. My takeaways was, 1. to type in Google docs (I always do handwriting) and 2. To listen for pauses, pitches, rhythm in order to find the main idea and the direction of the speech. I also have a recommendation; read through what you have jotted down, because I always have something I scarcely can read (happens when you write fast).

  3. Hi, Hadar Great! I enjoyed it very much. your approach to the subject is just amazing,Tthank you so much.

  4. Hi Hadar ! Thank you for the interesting and inspiring video. I enjoyed your analogy referring to bicycle riding. That was my most important take away because I see important reference also to the smart listening skill. If the speaker talks too fast I should apply my peripheral understanding.

  5. Hi! Your teaching is awesome as always =) I like to take notes, i usually take notes during any meeting or lecture, this helps me to concentrate on the topic. And i usually… draw my notes. :))))) The other way is to make a audiorecord and mark the nost important time spots on the paper: minute of record and what it is all about. The forst way makes me remember better, but the second way is helpful when i need to record dateiled information (takes more time after though). \

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