How To Sound Smart In English? Upgrade Your Vocabulary With This #1 Method

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Don't you hate it when you feel that you need to settle for a basic word instead of a more specific, accurate or sophisticated word?

Yes, I get it.

As speakers of English as a second language, we always feel so limited because we get bored with the words that are available to us. Of course, we know a lot more words in English, we just don’t seem to use them as often.
Watch the previous episode to see why.

This episode will help you understand how to integrate more words into your speaking and how to create variety in your speech (so instead of saying the same basic words, I’m offering a few different expression to 8 VERY commonly used words)

Here add all 8 words and all the substitutions I offer in the video.
And an example sentence for every substitution:

1. I think
I feel that he’s not interested in pop music.
To me it’s not an issue.
As far as I can tell, no one was here.
It seems to me that you’re not that eager to memorize words.

2. It’s hard
It’s challenging
It’s tricky.
It’s tough.
It’s not so simple.

3. I’m happy
I’m thrilled.
I’m excited.
I’m genuinely happy to hear that
I’m so incredibly happy for you.

4. I agree
For sure.
That's just what I was thinking.
I feel that way too.

5. It's important
It’s crucial that
It’s essential to know
It’s imperative that you practice the pronunciation of these words first

6. Worried
I’m concerned about their future.
I’m afraid something happened to him.

7. I want
I feel like getting coffee.
I’d love to go home now.

8. Good
They came up with some valuable ideas.
It’s an exceptional product.
He added some helpful features to the program.
We gave the money to a worthwhile cause.

Do you use any other expressions instead of the ones I mentioned? Let me know in the comments below.
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14 Comments on “How To Sound Smart In English? Upgrade Your Vocabulary With This #1 Method”

  1. Now that you mention it… I’ve noticed that in certain professional and social circles this choice of words is used. For us with ESL who value vocabulary is tricky use “smart” words without sounding too nerdy or pretentious. It takes attention and practice!

  2. Since I have found you, I feel My english Is getting better. AND yes , My main issue Is that feel myself stuck with the vocabulary due to my kind of job where I ‘m always using the same speech😁I love to hear you.And Will like to have your level. You are My reference as no native speaker. Thank you very much for charing all your knowledge!!!!!!💓💓💓💓👍👌

  3. I’m newly joined u so I’d love to be an active member.
    But can u help me to join ur WhatsApp group and zoom disscusion

  4. I’d love the way you teach us. It’s really helpful for people who are willing to master their English skills. What’s a lovely teacher. Thank you.

    1. I don’t have Facebook, but I would love to participate in one of the zoom calls.. what can I do that it doesn’t implicate opening a Facebook’s account…

  5. It seems to me that you’re the best and I can feel now that my English will be improved with your valuable guidelines.

  6. I just loved this video! It’s exactly the kind of thing someone who loves speaking English needs. Not being a native speaker must not be a reason not to have fun in using interesting words when speaking English. Thanks so much for your awesome teaching skills! Be safe!

  7. I have no doubt that you are the best English teacher on the Internet. Your pronunciation is so clear and soft that we never get tired of listening to it. Thanks for all support and attention.

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