How to say ‘WORLD’

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There’s so much laying behind this small word.
People, homes, beaches, kindness, innovation, parks, wars, animals, communication, languages…So it’s only appropriate that one needs to work hard to get this word right.

I’ve been asked many times to explain how to pronounce this word. So here it is, broken down to tiny pieces.

How to say ‘world’:


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6 Comments on “How to say ‘WORLD’”

  1. Thanks Hadar
    Any chance to get an explanation on how to pronounce the words tree and three


  2. I do not know if you make podcast too Professor but I really like listening to it, so in case you have then just let me know, that would be awesome to listen to your podcast because your voice is pretty clear and you have a nice American accent.

  3. Once again a great video by Professor Hadar to make us sound like American, thanks a lot for this one and by keeping doing like this, I think one day I will achieve the top.

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