The most searched ‘HOW TO PRONOUNCE’ words on Google (and how to pronounce them)

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In this episode, I’ll share with you the most searched ‘how to pronounce’ words on Google and talk about how to pronounce them.

Since they appeared in the top searches, it seems that people – native and non-native speakers – are unsure of their pronunciation.  And for a good reason – many of these words have two different pronunciations!

Here are the words people are most curious about:

Shein, Nike, Worcestershire, entrepreneur, gif, water, often, doge, route.

Here’s the list of words with the phonetic and IPA transcription:

Shein /ˈʃi:.ɪn/ shee-in
Nike /ˈnaɪki/ nai-kee
Worcestershire /ˈwʊ.stə.ʃər/ wu-stuh-sh’r
entrepreneur /ɑːntrəprəˈnɝ/ aan-chruh-pruh-n’r
GIF gif /gɪf/ or djif /dʒɪf/
water /wɑˈɾər/ waa-d’r
often /ˈɑːfən/ aa-f’n or /ˈɑːftən/ aaf-t’n
doge /doʊʒ/ dowj
route /ruːt/ ruwt or /raʊt/ raut


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5 Comments on “The most searched ‘HOW TO PRONOUNCE’ words on Google (and how to pronounce them)”

  1. Hi Hadar,

    Thank you so much for being such an inspiration. I love this video with the most searched words, well I love all your videos. This one was surprising, useful and fun. 🤩 One word that I’ve struggled with is: “idea”. It’s the ea-sound that I also think is difficult when it comes in the middle of a sentence, because creates kind of a pause and it feels a little “unnatural” to get a flow when you continue the sentence after the ea-sound.

    Have a beautiful day!
    Kind Regards My

  2. Hi Hadar ! Thank you a lot for your video. I believe I have some sense for music. I love every beautiful acoustic experience even such as the thousand variations of the sounds of the Meer. Let alone the concert of various birds in the forest by spring. Of course, as I have expressed several times I love listen to beautiful talking by any languages. (Particularly, if it was well performed poetry.) And I understand the great importance of using correct pronunciation either of esthetic or logical reasons, as far as possible. I can enjoy myself playing with word’s accent and pronunciation. That is one of the reasons why I am so enormously glad to Hadar for her videos. Nevertheless, I feel humble enough to be satisfied if I was able to transfer correct messages.

  3. Other words to consider discussing:

    Neither, either, been, caramel, syrup, the state of Oregon, Caribbean, Aunt, Pecan, Mayonnaise, mischievous (drilled into us as children), and some of my favorite ones:
    Too many people say nucular and vetran.

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