How to pronounce – Entrepreneur

What’s the most difficult thing about English?

I’m sure there are many different answers to this question. But one of the things I hear most that makes English incredibly confusing, is the fact that it is not a phonetic language. That means spelling and pronunciation DO NOT CORRESPOND!

Yeah sure, there are some patterns, but basically it is pretty inconsistent throughout. We simply cannot tell how a word should sound just by looking at the spelling.

And this is where I come in.
Every now and then I’ll be sending you “How-to-pronounce” videos with short tutorials on complicated or confusing words. Words I find problematic for non-native speakers to pronounce, or words you requested.

And today’s word is – Entrepreneur.
The word entrepreneur is derived from French, and so is the spelling. Luckily, there are only American sounds here. 🙂

Here’s your chance to finally say it perfectly! As you’ll find out, it’s much easier than it seems…

And now, let me know what other words are super confusing to you –
post your words as a comment below!

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2 Comments on “How to pronounce – Entrepreneur”

  1. To be honest I speak French but I didn’t know how to pronounce this word in English and everything that I had to pronounce it I was struggling. So thank Professor Hara for this class today and as usual, it’s very helpful for those really interested in learning English as a native.

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