How To Learn New Vocabulary | Build Pronunciation Confidence ?

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Tired of learning ABOUT improving your vocabulary instead of actually IMPROVING IT?!

In this episode, I share with you an in-depth vocabulary exercise that will help you build pronunciation confidence and use new words frequently and confidently.

I based these drills on the understanding that there are many words you know but never use, for several reasons:

  • You’re not confident PRONOUNCING them.
  • They’re not accessible (you forget to use them)
  • You don’t feel confident using them correctly in a sentence
  • I developed a 5-step system to overcome these challenges and enhance your vocabulary.

People who have tried it told me that for the first time they felt that they were growing their vocabulary!

In this episode, we'll use this technique with the following words: inevitable, accurate, obvious, redundant, valuable. Afterward, you'll see how much easier it is for you to use them in a sentence.

Click here to download my vocabulary planner so you can use this technique to learn and use ANY word in English. 

Want to practice some more?

Say these sentences our loud, and then come up with your OWN sentence for each word. You can share it in the comments below.


● You already mentioned that before so it’s redundant here.
● My boss thinks my position is redundant so he’s going to fire me.
● Two engines may seem redundant but if one of them stops working, you want to have the other one just in case.


● They hated each other so much that their fight was inevitable.
● If you boil water, it’s inevitable that it’ll evaporate.
● Nothing is inevitable, everything can be changed or stopped.


● His story is 100% accurate. I checked it several times.
● The numbers in the report are accurate.
● You have to make sure your analysis is accurate.


● This ring is very valuable and dear to my heart.
● Some of her tips were very valuable and helped me a lot.
● We managed to gather some valuable info for our operation.


● It’s obvious that he likes you. He can’t take his eyes off of you.
● Nothing is obvious about him. Everything he does surprises me.
● There are some obvious things you can see right from the start.

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16 Comments on “How To Learn New Vocabulary | Build Pronunciation Confidence ?”

  1. Redundant:
    This morning I was in a meeting, and the host was pretty redundant with the information on the slide show.

    My husband has been talking about the same matter the whole day, which is redundant and desperate.

    I think we are doing the same leisure activity every weekend, which is redundant, doesn’t it?


    Our success will be inevitable if we remain focused on the goal.

    If you continue your life in that way, get sick will be inevitable.

    I worked as hard as I could, but the company bankruptcy was inevitable.

    Amelia wanted to get that job, but she needed to be more accurate in her mathematics calculations.

    You need to be accurate with the sizes to make the dress. Otherwise, it will be loose enough.

    Will it be accurate to get holidays between this awful pandemic situation?


    My family is the most valuable treasure in my whole life.

    Daniel has valuable skills to get the job position in that recognized and will know company.

    Despite all the effort, the company manager was not able to notice her valuable attempt in this project.


    Sometimes, things are obvious enough to need an explanation.

    You don’t want to go with us to the party, it is obvious, I can see it on your face and attitude.

    It seems pretty obvious, but no one could imagine that he was cheating her wife.

  2. I think we are doing the same leisure activity every weekend, which is redundant, doesn’t it?

  3. It’s so obvious that the consequences of the wastage of our valuable time are inevitable.
    As the days pass CDs and DVDs are becoming redundant due to the drastic attraction towards the internet.
    His project was selected for the accurate representation of the entire concept of his idea.

  4. I think this kind of explanation is too redundant.

    This quarantine was inevitable for all of us.

    Remember to check if that data are accurate.

    The time you spend with your family is a valuable time

    Sometime you should give more examples, not everything is obvious

  5. Here there are the sentences using the words redundant, inevitable, accurate, valuable and obvious.
    1 Your poem is nice but if you repeat the word “destiny” for a third time it will become redundant.
    2 It will seem redundant if you put more red roses in the bouquet.
    3 I don’t want to sound redundant but did I ask you to take care every time you go out?

    1 It’s inevitable to get sick, that is why the importance of eating only healthy food.
    2 It’s inevitable to feel sorry every time you see the suffering of other people.
    3 Rising prices of goods is an inevitable outcome that reflects the economic world situation.
    1 I’ll try to be as accurate as possible in my written report.
    2 Accurate statistics on the pandemic is simply scaring.
    3 Maths are accurate.

    1 English communication skills are so valuable as to let you achieve any of your most important goals.
    2 A good knowlage on human relations is a valuable quality for success.
    3 Today good health is more valuable than gold.


    1 It’s obvious our responsability of the damage on the environment.
    2 The true color of the sea appears to be obvious. It’s blue.
    3 A man’s thoughts are never obvious. You need to make the correct questions to get to know a little bit of them.

  6. I’ve been using this technique for years that I need to alternate with something else. I’m tedious about this. It’s already redundant for my studies. Does redundant synonym obsolete by the way?

  7. I’ve been using this technique for years. I’m tedious about this. It’s already redundant for me.

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