How to learn a language | Building the RIGHT Habits

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Learning a second language means acquiring a new set of habits. And as you all well know, there are good habits, and there are not so good habits. And the type of habits we nurture can have a big impact on our lives, and certainly on our English journey.

Habits are the actions that we take, and the thoughts that we have. Usually they are things that we’ve come to do automatically and repeatedly. So it’s important to reexamine our habits and see not only which ones we should keep or let go of, but also which new habits we can learn and make our own in order to realize our full potential.

When it comes to learning English, we can talk about three types of habits: learning habits, speaking habits, and thinking habits.

Learning Habits

These are the habits that make up your practice routine. What exactly do you do, how often, and most importantly – how effective are they? You gotta have a clear idea of your learning goal and be consistent in your way toward reaching it.

For great practice techniques that will give you small wins along the way, click here.

Speaking Habits

These are the habits that we usually carry with us from our first language: the words that we use and the sounds that make them, grammar structures, etc. All of those are things that are ingrained in us. We don’t pay too much thought to them when we use our first language. But for speaking a different language, we need to learn a new set of rules and practice them intentionally until they become spontaneous too – meaning, we need to form new speaking habits.

Thinking Habits

These are the thoughts that come to your head when you speak in English or think about English. If some of these thoughts are negative and limiting, this is where you need to step in and flip them around.

And if you want to find out how to build those strong and healthy habits, how to build your pronunciation practice and avoid negative thinking habits, and so much more – all with clear guidance and support – check out my new program, New Sound.

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12 Comments on “How to learn a language | Building the RIGHT Habits”

  1. Hadar, I do agree with you that “accent isn’t just about sound and melody, but having a deeper understanding of a language. One could speak clearly and confidently and still keep his/her voice in English. No need to speak with an American accent and feel foolish”.

  2. Dear Hadar,

    Thank you so much for coming up with such inspirational videos. I CHRIS, personally enjoy watching your videos. I look forward to watching more of your videos.

  3. Thank you Hadar for your beautiful poem and this amazing video. It encouraged me to get on the list for your next program. I feel like I need to go to the next level. Also, I was wondering if you have some academic writing program since I want to do my Master degree. I feel like I need more skills in order to be successful. I am sharing your videos with my Latin family. 🤗

  4. Wow! Hadar thank you so much!!
    I love my story!:) So true! I need to stick to those habits! I will practice my pronunciation everyday! Thank you for your encouragement:)♡

  5. Hi Hadar
    This post was very useful and inspirational to me. I love the fact that my name repeatedly mentioned throughout also. Thank you.
    Kind regards

  6. Hello Hadar
    Really thanks for the effort… it’s really bad my English I’m trying to get to understand at the moment I’m overwhelmed. but when I have the opportunity I watch your videos for learning some advice about learning English because I have noticed that I have a bad habit ..I’m a Spanish speaker I’m trying to change my methods as well watching your videos as I said before..


  7. Dear Hadar, I’m delighted of your energy, creativity and hardworking ability. I have no time for more deep learning, but I haven’t missed any of your video since my subscribing on. Forgive me, cute Hadar, I so love your video, your stories and your voice. These became part of my life. I think I have got much benefit of your job. Thank you. Regards and love from Ukraine. Have Success in all your beginnings.

  8. Dear Hadar !
    Thank you a lot for sending me your so precious vide. Unfortunately, I’m going to disappoint you. I’m rather sick and most of the day I’m lying in bed struggling with my fever. (It’s a “spring outbreak” of my chronic bronchitis. )
    As a once active psychiatrist I have accumulated experiences about how difficult is to get anybody to change her-his habit of any aspect. It’s the fortune of your students that they can do that under your guidance. It must be a pleasure for them. Laszlo

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