How to Become A Confident English Speaker | Paula’s story

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When Paula moved to the USA 3 years ago English was the last thing she was worried about. After all, she took English classes in Venezuela, her home country, before relocating.

But then reality hit.

The English she was taught in class and the English people actually used in the states turned out to be two different things.

Simple communication such as phone calls or food orders became a torture. Sometimes people couldn’t understand her and she couldn’t understand others.

“People start judging you and think that you're uneducated because of broken English. I didn't want that,” says Paula.

So Paula decided to invest her time and heart in learning English the way it is actually spoken. One of the things that helped her the most was making videos in our community on Facebook and that’s how we met.

Then she joined my signature program, Accent Makeover.

Now she's a confident English speaker and teaches Spanish in English on her very own YouTube Channel.

In this interview, she shares her English journey and her advice to everyone afraid of speaking English and being judged.

Watch the video and tell us in the comments below what inspired you the most in Paola's story?

Learn more about Accent Makeover online program.

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2 Comments on “How to Become A Confident English Speaker | Paula’s story”

  1. I love the speaker so much. I’ve been looking for a good teacher ever since I moved in America. I enrolled for Rosetta Stone but never learned from them, watching some videos on YouTube but can’t find a good teacher like you. Hope this time I will learned my fluently in English and my English grammar as well. Thank you for taking your time Ms.Hadar and shared your wonderful gifts from others. God Bless

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