How I Found my Voice in English | Celebrating 200 Magazine Episodes ?

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Just like with everything in life, my YouTube journey has started with insecurity, fear and the need to please everyone, and continued with a profound understanding of who I am and what I have to give to the people that can serve them.

I always compare my business journey to my journey as a non-native speaker (and the journey of my students and followers). To find your fluency and voice in English you have to KEEP SHOWING UP. And to be okay with making mistakes. And to trust that no matter how awkward it feels or how long it takes – you have to keep speaking up because more than anything else – your voice matters.

I hope you enjoy this episode, where I reflect on my evolution as a creator from episode ONE to episode TWO-HUNDRED:

And here are the videos mentioned on this episode:

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2 Comments on “How I Found my Voice in English | Celebrating 200 Magazine Episodes ?”

  1. Hi,

    Hadar ,

    No doubt , you are doing really a wonderful job.

    I wanna do the talking, same as like you . This is also in my bucket list. 🙂

    What should I do to improve the English speaking skill like a native speaker, I meant accent.


    Saba A

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