Heteronyms: Same Spelling but Different Pronunciation? ?

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Heteronyms are words that have the same spelling but different pronunciation.
For instance ‘live’
‘we live in Scotland’ but ‘it was a live concert’.
And how about ‘resume’
‘I sent them my resume’ vs ‘please return to your seats, the concert will resume in 2 minutes’.

Sometimes it’s straightforward but sometimes it’s a little more confusing… (Like the word ‘polish’)

Want to hear more? In this episode, you’ll find a bunch of them:

And here are the specific times for each word:
0:33 tear
1:17 read
3:16 live
3:34 Polish
4:00 resume
4:59 use
5:16 close
5:53 present
7:18 record
7:58 desert
9:14 produce

Once you’re done watching the video, let me know which were the trickiest for you?

And if you haven’t watched the previous episode of the series, come here to learn about homophones. Words that are spelled differently but sound exactly the same! #EnglishIsConfusing

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14 Comments on “Heteronyms: Same Spelling but Different Pronunciation? ?”

  1. Thanks so much Hadar.
    Thanks,thanks,thanks for help speak English Hadar.

  2. Hi Hadar, this is the best video yet. I’m a Cantonese speaker and hearing impaired. It is doubly hard to remember what I learned from your video. Just when I thought I have seen the best video, you come out with yet a better one.

  3. Hey Hadar,Yet another awesome and super-educational video – thanks! In response to your challenge:bow leadminuteobject

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