Tired Of Making The SAME Grammar Mistakes Again And Again | TRY THIS

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Do you get frustrated when you forget to use all the new words, correct tenses and prepositions when speaking EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW THEM?!?

The English that we know and the English that we speak are not the same. When we write, we have more time to think, retrieve words, and organize our thoughts.

When we speak sometimes we go into ‘survival mode’ or ‘autopilot’ – and we forget to use all that lovely grammar that we know.
Why is that?

And does it mean that we need to learn it again and again until we ‘get it’?

If you want to use spontaneously the grammar that you know when speaking, one of the things that can really help you is to think about it like habits.

You have gotten used to speaking with certain speaking habits, and to change them you need to create NEW habits.

How do we create new habits? Through consistent repetition.

But here’s the catch – how can you create new speaking patterns if you don’t use them?

Watch this episode to find out:)

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2 Comments on “Tired Of Making The SAME Grammar Mistakes Again And Again | TRY THIS”

  1. Dear Hadar ! Some hours ago the influenza vaccine has been administered to me. I developed some usual side effects. Some low febrile body temperature, a bit dizziness and weakness. The quite loose mental state accompanying that may elicit unusual associations. You know much better than me that little children don’t learn words and grammar but playing together their acquire patterns. That was also my own experience as an adult in Paris where I became in three months “quasi-fluent” in French. Of course, it was a deteriorated and abused French language but I could use it for communication among French people who couldn’t understand any other idioms. Sorry if I have been writing futilities. It is due to the influenza vaccine. Have a nice week. Laszlo

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