The Best ‘How-To-Pronounce’ Search Tool

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When you are unsure about the pronunciation of a word… What do you do?
Check the word in the dictionary?
Listen closely to how people say it?
Avoid using this word at all costs?… 🙂

Since we are so reliant on spelling (we started learning English through reading and writing), the visual representation is important to us. WAY too important.
And the fact that English is not a phonetic language is the source all confusions.

Whenever I write for my students a word phonetically, the way it should actually sound, I immediately get asked: “Why couldn't they just write it this way?”
For example:
Salmon ->sa-mn | Congratulate – kn-gra-juh-leit | holiday> haa-luh-dei

The bad news is – English spelling ain’t gonna change.
The good news is, that you now have a free Google search tool that spells words the way they should be pronounced! ?

The reason why I’m super confident about the value of this tool is that I had the privilege of teaming up with the Google dictionary team to help them create it!

Don't waste another minute feeling lost in pronunciation
and watch today's video to see how you can use it yourself:

Did you try it? Leave me a comment below the video and tell me what you think!

You could find a more detailed video tutorial on how to use Google Pronto in this episode.

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20 Comments on “The Best ‘How-To-Pronounce’ Search Tool”

  1. Dear Hadar,
    Can you please add a link to a written pronunciation representation (list of sounds and letters) that you described in your video? I would like to reference it for my readers. Do you have any scholarly reviews or white papers on how you developed this? Did you engage linguists and consult the IPA for example? I think it is great, by the way! I am so curious about how you created the mouth movement graphics!
    Missing word I noticed: certificate

  2. It’s fantastic initiative especially the articulation of sound that helps us know how to shape our mouth and even tells us how to position our tongue in both fast and slow playback speeds.
    I feel you could also have appended regular sounds for others who are practicing pronunciation with these sounds.

    Overall this is commendable job. kudos to you and your team.

  3. Hi Hadar! It seems it is not available in Colombia. I think it would be great to use this tool.

  4. There are details in pronunciation that defy this simple pattern of representing the sound variations in English. The voiceless stop aspiration, the intervocalic flap in American English, the s/z alternation in English regular plurals, the deletion of the /g/ in ing forms, and so on… I think that a kind of tutoring in these rules is in point, instead of just transcribing them every time they occur in a word, which would miss the generalization.
    I also think that not all speakers would find this approach simple and straightforward. The French, for example, would be happy with it but speakers of other languages are quite used to different pronunciations of the same alphabet letter.

  5. Hi teacher,
    I really like your video, and I want to attend classes that will start in April. I speak Portuguese, I’m 73 years old, I live in the United States for 7 years, I have a hard time speaking and understanding English. I’m believing that with your classes I will reach my goals, I hope so.
    Sorry for my mistakes, because I’m bad at writing too. You accept this challenge.
    Thank you,

  6. Hi Hadar. It’s an amazing work you and a google team did, however some words are missing ( e.g. appropriate, export, import, the) Are they going to be added later? Or does the tool autogenerate the pronunciation of the words? Also if I want to know how to say the word ADDRESS as a noun and as a verb. It should have different stresses. How can I check it?

  7. It’s a great way to transcribe and understand the words. Fabulous work out there. Thanks a lot. And not that complicated as International Phonetic Alphabet aka IPA. I liked especially the demonstrative images. Thanks a lot.

  8. Dead Hadar ,
    Unfortunately I can’t find it ? in France
    Hope it will be available soon
    Thank you

  9. This tool is amazing! What a great idea of including the pronunciation along with the word definition. I have been using it for a long time, although I noticed the new update in the last week or two.
    Thank you so much for making it easier for everyone, Hadar!!!

  10. Hi Hadar ….
    I think it is not available here in Brazil ! 🙁
    It seems to be SOOOO nice !!!

  11. I was folowing your wideo, but it didn’t work. You did not say what application I have to upload on my mobile.
    Than you.

  12. When I open Google chrome and I type : *How to pronounce * I get YouTube suggestions, videos Rachel or other online teachers made.

    I saw kind of an article, that gave information about that tool, but I have no access ;-(

    Any idea?
    There are 3 more comments from people who can’t access the tool either.

  13. So happy for you!!! Unfortunately isn’t available in Argentina, yet. I’ve tried with both say and pronounce and the first result is from a YouTube channel by a girl named emmasaying. I’ve taken pictures but I can’t attached them here, unfortunately. So I will be waiting!!!

  14. I was following your instructions but couldn’t find this tool. Is it available in Israel? Thanks

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