How to pronounce GIRL

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How many words does it take to explain the word GIRL?
When it's me talking about it, the answer is many.

Don't blame me! Talk to the person who invented English.
What can I do that this very short word has so many barriers one has to overcome in order to pronounce it smoothly?

Anyway, you better check it out cause there's a really cool trick there for you.
Watch: how to pronounce GIRL

Since you haven't heard from me in two week (I was in at the YouTube space in London last week – I'll tell you all about it very soon) here's some new stuff for your weekly practice.

Check out my FB live video where I talk compare two, to and too, heard vs. hurt vs. hard, ‘literally' and discuss my new online program – ACCENT MAKEOVER ONLINE.

You can also catch my live YouTube session where I talk about the pronunciation of bureaucracy (starting from 3:17) th+r as in through/ three, How to expend your vocabulary, and other fun stuff. Enjoy!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or requests.

Have a lovely week & thank you for watching,

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4 Comments on “How to pronounce GIRL”

  1. Hi Hadar,how are you? i am a spanish retiree 68 years old .I sarted learning brithis accent long ago but .changed to american because it is more practical.This particular word girl is much easier to pronounce in brithish way,some others. is the other way arounnnnd.So I ask you: could. I pick the british way for this word?

  2. The transition of the letter R to dark L is not easy for me 🙁 but I won’t give up! I will practice a whole week if necessary.

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