How to pronounce GENRE

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The word genre comes from French along with its lovely and confusing spelling. Of course, it has only American sounds.
Now, people that are familiar with this word (hi, French speakers) or speakers of languages that borrow ‘genre’ from French may also have difficulties with saying this word. Why?

Because one of the hardest things, I think, is to get used to the English pronunciation of a word that you ALREADY HAVE in your language.

But hey, that’s what I’m here for.
How to pronounce ‘genre’.

Have a great week.

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5 Comments on “How to pronounce GENRE”

  1. The video is unintentionally hilarious, as she explains the correct pronunciation gzhan-ruh and repeats it several time before using the american version in a sentence “What is your favourite jon- raa?

  2. Dear :Hadar it’s a pleasure to hear you ,in the background there’s a picture like a pene I would like that you check it that,maybe is my imagination
    Thank you

  3. Thank you Hadar, I used to pronounce it as jenre. Can you please do a pronunciation video on “comfortable”, I’m used to pronouncing it as comfor-table.

    Thank you very much

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