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Writing a long email in English and deleting it just before sending it.
When your landlord raises your rent by 15%.
The political situation.
Not to find the right words when trying to express something important

What’s frustrating to you?

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Hey, guys, it’s Hadar and

this is The Accent’s Way.

A word that keeps coming

up when my students

express their feeling when

they’re communicating English

is the word frustrating, frustrating.

And there is nothing more frustrating

than trying to say this word

and not being able to say it,

or not getting it right.

So today, I’m gonna teach you how to

say the word frustrating so you can

express your frustration

clearly and accurately.

So let’s start.

Start with an f sound.

For that you bring the bottom lip to the

top teeth, release air, f and as you’re

pronouncing the f sound you’re already

waiting with your tongue

up there for the r.


So the only thing you need to do when

you shift to the r is

just round your lips.



And then you open your

mouth to the uh as in ‘cup’

Fruh, fruh

Which is just like a schwa

with a bit more emphasis.



That’s the primary stress of the word.


The second syllable is chrei-, chrei-

Ei as in ‘day’.

So it’s not frus-TRA-ting,

the second syllable is not stressed.

It’s not frust-EH-ting,

it’s not an eh sound.

It’s frus-chrei, chrei.

When the tr go together

it often sounds like

a ch sound instead of a t.

Listen, frus-chrei,

frus-chrei, like train.


And then you end it with flap t,

frus-chrei-ding, ding, so

it sounds just like a d.

You can say frustra-ting, that’s also okay

but you can make it a

little smoother and softer

and more American by making it a flap t.


It’s very frustrating to

know what you wanna say

but not being able to say it.


Okay that’s it.

Thank you for watching.

Please share this video with your friends

and don’t forget to subscribe

to my YouTube channel.

Have a great week and I will see you

next week, in the next video.


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