How to say foreigner

Had you asked me 10 years ago what words come up when I think of the word ‘foreigner’ I would have probably said: Difficulty, shame, struggle, barriers, accent.

Many things have changed for me in the past decade. And I’m not only talking about my accent.

As my work enabled me to dive deep into the essence of being different and ‘foreign’ by working with people who struggle not just with expressing themselves in a different language but also in dealing with cultural differences, different mentality and worldview – I realized how much strength, ambition and power is actually associated with being a foreigner.

I also came to terms with who I am and what I have to bring to the table as someone who is not an all-American speech coach.

So, if you asked the same question today I would say that ‘foreigner’ means to me courage, uniqueness, history, heritage, accomplishment.

What does it mean to you?

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